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10 best video sharing platforms
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Video sharing platforms – unique experiences, and creativity are things that deserve to be immortalized but is it just to be kept to yourself? certainly not we can make the world see it with video sharing platform. YouTube might be the first thing you think of because it’s the most popular video sharing platform.

but is it only youtube that can be the choice of video sharing platform? there are many other platforms that can be chosen and I will discuss them here. you will be very interested.

What Does Video Hosting Or Video Sharing Mean?

Video Hosting or Video Sharing websites are, in general, online platforms where users upload their content in the form of video clips for viewing by a limited or extended group of people. It can be a special website that people use to stream videos or reference videos on blogs or any type of website.

Reason You Might Need Video Sharing Platform

Financially Easy

The best part about most video-sharing websites or their standalone apps is that they are free of cost. Some of these tools even label popular content creators and monetize their work, enabling a source of income for them.

This is a great option for those who don’t want to spend money on uploading or watching videos. Some apps or sites may charge you for using some of their features or even all of them.

Offers Reach To Your Content

Uploading your content to a platform that is accessible to multiple users is a huge advantage. If they watch a related video, chances are that your video will be recommended to them. This way your video will build up views and popularity, without you having to promote it a lot through other media.


This video sharing platform is very convenient to use in several ways. Some of them offer powerful features that will help you edit and upload videos without having to rely on other tools on your computer or phone. The platform also acts as a cloud storage unit, from which you can download and upload your videos. If you want, you can use it only for yourself by adding the video to a private collection, which only you can access.

Reaches A Wide Range Of Audiences

Since these platforms have many types of content, they will always have a large number of users using them. If your video starts to gain traction, the platform’s algorithms will pick it up and display it with other relevant videos as users search for it. The number of people who will watch your video is not something you can decide if you choose to post it publicly.

Features that commonly To Look Out For In Video Websites

Before we dive into the list of video sharing sites that I have prepared for you, I also want to help you choose the perfect one. This is some attribute that can make using a video hosting website easier on your computer. 

The site should have simple navigation and free advertisements and other stuff that distracts you. It’s important to have a website with an excellent interface because if you can’t find or see what you want, you’re wasting your time there.

Users should be able to search for videos of specific genres or keywords, and the site should provide recommendations based on your viewing history and your interest.

The website must offer the right material. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting time on the wrong platforms that don’t have the content you’re looking for. One can only hope to find the required content on the platforms they visit.

Most Popular Video Sharing Platforms


YouTube, which is owned by the company Google, is one of the largest video sharing platforms used by people all over the world. Relevantly, this website is also the second most visited website with more than 300 million daily users and more than 50 million video creators. you can search all types of content only with keywords that you think are relevant.

Video Sharing Platforms Youtube
image source screenshot website youtube


  • There is a built-in editor with limited features for the video uploader to use. 
  • YouTube has a feature that allows viewers to support their favorite YouTubers by funding, in addition to monetizing ad revenue. 
  • There is a Feature, youtube short like TikTok Homepage that shows short videos. 
  • A search Filter For user convenience.
  • The interface is simple to understand even for people that have less knowledge about Youtube.

Youtube is most people’s first choice when they are looking for recipes, music videos, educational videos, life hacks, and other different entertainment and infotainment video genres.

There is a Premium version of this Platform that will prevent ads while streaming videos. For those who have been using YouTube for a long time, you will notice the updates that this tool is getting regarding the interface


TikTok is a video sharing and social media service that has become very popular in the second half of the last decade. There is no way that anyone does not know of this platform and most of us have accounts on it. Users can not only upload videos of up to 10 minutes but also interact and communicate with others on the platform.

Video sharing platform TikTok
Image Source Pixabay

Some videos feature music videos, with producers using an extensive library of sound effects, song samples, and app filters to create short films of themselves dancing, lip-syncing, or recreating scenes from popular content. you might as well find short videos about DIY and Crafting stuff but I don’t think the videos will fill your interest since it is too short that comes to DIY and Crating.


  • Allows users to create short videos.
  • All filter is available to use for users.
  • Allows sharing and downloading of content.
  • You can post video content to Public or private.
  • Simple and Friendly interface.
  • TikTok uses an algorithm that shows relevant videos as users want.
  • Customized audio and soundtrack from popular artist.

IGTV By Instagram

IGTV or Instagram TV Instagram is an Instagram-based video streaming app for Android and iOS. Compared to Instagram feeds, it allows for longer videos. While IGTV is a standalone app, the Instagram app and website in the browser also have rudimentary functionality.

As they are designed for maximum utility of your phone display, videos always play in full-screen mode and can be vertical, if the uploader so chooses. Videos are also not limited to one minute, unlike on Instagram. On the other hand, each film can last up to an hour or even longer.

Image Source Pixabay


  • Users with a business account can upload movies/videos that are up to one hour long.
  • A follower’s story can be used as a medium for reposting IGTV videos.
  • IGTV is designed to be used with the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Users can make live streams and share them on IGTV.
  • This allows users to share the videos on the feed so that followers may interact (like and/or comment) with these IGTV posts.

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a Video-on-Demand service controlled by the Facebook Meta Platform. compatible with all mobile devices worldwide, as well as on desktop computers in all regions. The feed of this section is customized based on audience recommendations from all Facebook users.

Video Sharing Platforms facebook watch
Image Source Screenshot website Facebook watch


  • Integrates with Facebook and other Meta worlds.
  • It has exclusive game shows, comedies, news programming, and many other videos.
  • The alternative connection between creator and media.
  • Users can save the video they want to watch in a newsfeed, this video can be saved to watch later.
  • sports streaming channels on it include MLB, WWE, and PGA.


Twitch is an American livestreaming platform, owned by Amazon, that is popular with gamers and streamers. Several individual streamers stream content of various genres.

Image Source Pixabay

What you see on Twitch can be a live stream of gameplay, ASMR content, an instrument playing the stream, or even a chat session between the streamer and his chat.

Viewers can purchase a Twitch Prime subscription to their favorite streamer’s channel, in exchange for exclusive content and interactive elements in the stream. The platform has prompted several game development companies to broadcast tournaments live to viewers.

It is becoming increasingly popular for many brands to live stream launch events and announcements for their products or services, via Twitch.


  • Different content genres with limited to several subjects.
  • Allows viewers to cut highlights from live streams and add them to the streamer’s channel.
  • Offers several ways to interact with streamers as they stream live.
  • Different subscription tiers are available to all users, with varying price ranges.
  • Several emotes are available for posting in the live chat section, with exclusive ones for subscribed users and/or followers.


Dailymotion is much closer to being identified as a news channel, more so than a video hosting service. Allows brands and other media companies to make posts on their platform. This means that you will receive updates, news, and announcements on this platform from various companies and press companies.

A person can only post to their Daily Motion profile if they represent an organization. Registered users can post any type of appropriate information that is not controversial or targeted at a community, country, or organization.

We have listed this website in the category of video sharing tools because every news posted has a relevant video, generally a visual narrative, along with a detailed or partially detailed report.


  • Popular with media companies for making announcements and sharing news.
  • Available in more than 180 languages ​​in about 40 countries.
  • Includes international and domestic content.
  • Allows compatible users to stream content in 4k resolution and 60 frames per second.
  • Compatible with mobile phones, computers, and smart televisions.


Vimeo is a video sharing platform that allows users to upload their video without limit of length, right now Vimeo has more than 200 millon users, even they have their own awards the best thing is this platform allow its customer to sell the licenses for suing their video, can be a permanent license or subscription-based. 

Image Source Vimeo Website Screenshot


  • Limitless bandwidth.
  • Different cloud storage tiers for users from 5 GB to unlimited. The same goes for livestreaming services too.
  • Allows global streaming.
  • Allows users to create videos with customized brands and media players.
  • All paid plans include unlimited screen recording.
  • Links with Google Analytics and other SEO-based tools.


Many may know PeerTube as a peer-based, open-source video streaming utility. This is true. Because the user is hosting the files they want to stream, this reduces the pressure on the website’s servers to load the videos for them. There are more than 150,000 users who have uploaded about 700,000 videos on this platform.

video sharing platforms PeerTube
Image Source Peertube website Screenshot


  • Using peer-to-peer technology to reduce server load and share bandwidth with users too.
  • Repository is available on GitHub.
  • Decentralized and federated platforms.
  • Updated search features, livestreaming, and user profile and channel customization capabilities.


We’ve all seen the VEVO watermark in music videos and the same name with the suffix on YouTube channels of musicians, music artists, singers, and music bands.

This is because VEVO is one of the largest music distribution networks. Artists such as Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, The Weeknd, and Fifth Harmony are some who have signed with VEVO to publish their music worldwide.

Aspiring artists with a certain reach can contact VEVO and seek promotional and/or publishing support from this platform. The prices charged by this platform are unknown. But given that they handle accounts for over 500,000 music videos for multiple artists, with over a billion views, collectively, that’s definitely high.

Image Source Website Vevo Screenshot


  • Offers perfect reach to artists who employ this promotion team.
  • Available on multiple compatible devices such as YouTube, Apple TV, Echo Show, Fire TV, Pluto TV, Samsung TV Plus, Sky Q, Vizio, Xumo, Roku, and More.
  • It falls on the expensive side.
  • Stream live performances by popular artists at their concerts.
  • VEVO LIFT is a feature that promotes the content of artists around the world to offer a wider range of music.
  • Offers exclusive virtual backstage tickets and behind-the-scenes content of popular artists’ music videos, concerts, and live performances.
  • It also focuses on several languages other than English and offers promotion and monetization to performing artists in Latin, Spanish, Hindi, French, Tamil and more.


Flickr is a photo and video hosting website and virtual community founded in British Columbia, Canada, and based in San Francisco, United States. a popular choice for professional and amateur photography artists, who want to share high-resolution photos.

SmugMug, the organization that owns Flickr, has no user-uploaded images. This platform only acts as an intermediary between the owner of the image and those looking for it.

Image Source Flicker Website Screenshot

The Creative Commons License section of this website makes it one of the first choice of bloggers for choosing images. There are more than 110 million users and around 3 million users upload their content every day.

Flickr has provided the images they need and even helps them organize the content they have uploaded or saved to their profile.


  • Flickr has free accounts and paid accounts for users to choose from.
  • Users get cloud storage facilities, from 200 MB to unlimited storage.
  • This website has partnered with several other platforms, which allows users to use the content of those platforms and some of their features as well.
  • Users can download their account data anytime they want.
  • Uploaded media files can be viewed by owners and other users in the form of layouts or slideshows.
  • Enable GeoTagging feature for images to add exact location.
  • Images are categorized as safe, moderate, and restricted by image type.
  • Filtering images is made easy when searching due to the search filter interface.
  • Huge collection of images with a valid Creative Commons License (CCL).
  • Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.


9gag is a social media and video sharing platform based in hongkong, has a feature to share GIFs Meme funny stories. this platforms is known for being a comedy center where if you don’t feel happy, you can be sure that you will laugh out loud if you watch the videos on 9gag.

video sharing platforms 9gag
Image Source

You can also share videos with all the users about the funniest things you have seen or recorded.


  • you can share memes, funny stories, and Gift.
  • 9gag’s main focus is witty so you can have more freedom there.
  • 9gag application can be downloaded on play store.


What Are Video Sharing Sites?

A place where users upload their videos to keep for themselves or share publicly so everyone can see them. the most popular video sharing site is YouTube, TikTok, Instagram TV, and Twitch.

What Is A Video Sharing Site?

Video Hosting or Video Sharing Websites are common online platforms where users upload their material in the form of video clips for viewing by a limited or wide audience. This could be a dedicated video streaming website or a reference video on a blog or other website. YouTube, Twitch, and IGTV features on Instagram are the three most popular video hosting websites.

What Is The Most Popular Video Sharing Platforms?

No doubt youtube is the most popular video sharing place, many artists or famous people use it, even many of the videos shared on youtube have been viewed by more than 1 billion views

What Is The Best Video Sharing Site?

It is difficult to determine which is the best because all of them have their own advantages but in my opinion, youtube is the best because there are many types of videos that can be found there, but this is just my own opinion, everyone must have their own favorite video sharing platform.

Which is a free video sharing platform ?

youtube is the best among video sharing platforms, you can upload videos up to 256 GB, you can save it for yourself or share your uploaded video to everyone

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