Great Tool To Post To Multiple Social Networks

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Great Tool To Post To Multiple Social Networks
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Nowadays, almost everyone has more than one social media, if you are an active user of more than one social media, of course, it will be a hassle if you have to make the same posts every day to one of the social media that you have. luckily now many ways can be done to post to multiple social networks.

Well, one way around this is to use a social network manager which allows you to monitor and post, to more than one social network at a time.

These handy tools used to be more available to regular users, but now, most providers are selling them to businesses for marketing or other purposes.

However, there are still one or two that offer free versions that can give you additional control over your use of social networks, one of which is Buffer.

Post To Multiple Social Networks Using Buffer

How to Post to multiple social Network with Buffer
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A social network manager app called Buffer is clever enough to get around Facebook’s limitations. Here’s how it works: Account Buffer lets you sign up for up to three accounts; including a Facebook Page, Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn page, or LinkedIn profile. (Buffer also posts to Pinterest, but you can’t do that on a free account.)

Assuming you’ve downloaded the Buffer app and signed up:

  • The first step, please download the Buffer application if you don’t have it on the Google Play Store.
  • If already installed, register with your social media accounts.
  • then after completing registration select the photo you want to post.
  • Select the account you want to send photos to by clicking the plus sign above.
  • Type the text you want to include with the photo, and here you can also add additional photos or videos.
  • When ready, just click “Share”.
  • If you want to share a post only once, then click on “Custom Schedule”.
  • Twitter messages will be automatically sent to Twitter within the specified time.
  • For Instagram, you will get a notification when it’s time to post an Instagram message.
  • At the specified time, you will also get a notification to post, you can click “Post” to re-post.
  • For Instagram, you will be asked if you want to post to Story or Feed.
  • you can cut or change the color of the photo to be posted.
  • The last IG page will show photos to users. Then Buffer will automatically enter the caption into the phone cache. For that, just presses on the caption area and then embed it.
  • You can choose to post the photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.
  • And finally, click “Share”.

Maybe this seems a bit complicated, But once you get used to it’s a good way to schedule posts to Instagram and Twitter or Facebook at once.

And if you want more features, like the ability to manage up to eight social networks, the Pro version of Buffer costs $15 per month.

Buffer is one of several ways to post on several social media, there are also other ways that can be used as an alternative to posting on multiple social media.

Top 3 Tool To Post To Multiple Social Networks


Eclincher has various differentiating features that make it unique from the rest as it enables automatic posting with smart queues, RSS integration, social inbox, influence discovery, custom analytics reports, Canva integration, free image library, and much more.

It also has a robust system for publishing different content so you can quickly post the amount of material for the next few months with just a few clicks.

Enclincher has a feature that can recycle content by publishing it once and then removing it from the queue. It facilitates your search by using keywords to search for content and share it with friends and family. If you have a large company that has a lot of customers to manage in this case, you have the best option in the form of an Eclincher to manage all accounts at once.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the most simple and easy-to-use social management tools, and it is very easy to understand and anyone can use it to post automatically to multiple social media.

With Sproutsocial it can be used to integrate your Facebook and social media accounts, but the main focus is on Twitter accounts.

The main features of this app are the superbly designed dashboard, in-depth reporting system, RSS schedule, and Feedly sync option which lets you post updates directly from your Feedly feed. This application can be used through Chrome extensions, Android applications, and iPhone applications.


HootSuite is the favorite tool of many entrepreneurs to post in multiple social networks.  This Hootsuite has a wide reach to many social media networks and can automatically share your posts. Here are the main features of the HootSuite tool:

  • Automatic posts to Facebook profiles, business fan pages, groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Mixi, and WordPress.
  • Ability to share posts directly from Instagram, YouTube, Blogger, Flickr, Tumblr, and RSS feeds.
  • Schedule multiple posts to share on various social media platforms.
  • Monitor the activity of multiple social media accounts simultaneously from the HootSuite dashboard. For example, you can monitor Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook activity from a single dashboard.
  • You can post through the use of Firefox extensions, Chrome extensions, Android apps, and iPhone apps.

With a basic account, you have options for message scheduling and automatic sharing of up to five social media. With a pro account, you can have unlimited social networks, history of stats, and atomic feeds. The pro account also allows bulk scheduling, if you want to share multiple posts at any given time.


MeetEgdar is a social media management package that allows you to connect up to 25 social media profiles, and schedule various categories of posts on your social media network.

Social Media Management Edgar

Once you connect your social accounts to Edgar, you can create a regular weekly schedule. You can decide which category of posts you want to share in any slot, or you can tell Edgar to pick posts randomly.

You can import RSS to create multiple posts, once you approve enough content, Edgar queues up to the next 2 weeks. Very suitable for those who have many schedules.

it’s a way of using buffers as a way to post on multiple social media, and some options that can be used to post on multiple social media.

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