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Best Free Drivers Update Software Top 10 – Imagine you just bought a laptop, but the sound does not come out. Or, it could be that the laptop can’t even connect to Wi-Fi. Why did that happen? Do not rush to return the laptop to the store, because this can be solved by installing drivers, and you can do it with the Top 10 best free drivers update software.

Well, if your laptop or PC just arrived from the store, chances are you have to download lots of drivers for various peripherals such as network, speakers, VGA, and so on.

Instead of being confused about looking for drivers manually, you can use a driver updater application that can find, download, and install drivers practically. Even if you are an expert who can already install each driver manually, applications like this are guaranteed to be useful to save time.

1. DriverTalent

talent drivers
Driver Talent

There are times when searching for drivers one by one feels long and annoying. Well, there is an easier solution, namely using DriverTalent. Initially, this application was called DriveTheLife, and after changing its name this application feels even cooler by highlighting its features that make your business easier.

Not only does it provide download links for each driver, but this application also provides an integrated download feature in it. Unfortunately, in the free version, you can’t download all the drivers in one click. Yes, this bulk download feature is only available in the Pro version.

2. DriverPack Solution

DriverPack Solution
DriverPack Solution

I think DriverPack Solution is the one of the best drivers update software, One of the functions of software updating applications is to make things easier for users. However, compared to several other applications, Driver Pack Solution is one of the most serious targets for ordinary people.

Apart from the Expert mode, Driver Pack Solution also offers a Novice or beginner mode. In this Novice mode, the application will automatically scan and download the driver at once.

In fact, this application can also install drivers even in conditions without internet. For those of you who want more freedom of choice, you can use the Expert mode to determine which driver you want to install. This application is available for free and is already used by at least 40 million people worldwide.

3. Snappy Driver Installer

Free Drivers Updater snappy driver installer
Snappy Driver Installer

Judging from the interface, it seems that Snappy Driver Installer doesn’t look very professional because it seems old-fashioned. But don’t just look at the cover, because this application has a myriad of interesting features and Free Drivers Update Software that remain free as you use it for personal purpose, but i recommend you to subscribe so this software will stay up to date.

One of the advantages that it highlights is that you don’t need to install this application to be able to use it. Yes, you just need to save it on a flash disk and you can install the driver on any computer you want.

Even though it’s free, this app doesn’t limit the download speed so you’re guaranteed not to be frustrated by the slow download process. Of course, it must be accompanied by a good quality ISP.

4. AVG Driver Updater

Anyone who has ever struggled with the world of antivirus should have heard the name AVG at least once. Yes, apart from providing software to protect PCs from harmful viruses, this company also has a sophisticated driver updating application called AVG Driver Updater.

The AVG name has long been known, and this application has also collaborated with more than 100 other well-known vendors such as Microsoft, NVIDIA, Intel, and so on. So, the drivers you install from this application are guaranteed to be legit and harmless. Unfortunately, this application is a paid application and requires you to spend $ 39.99.

5. Driver Identifier

Driver Identifier

This one is an application that also provides a portable version. So, it can be used anywhere without having to be installed. Not presenting convoluted configuration options, Driver Identifier is one of the easiest driver update applications you can use.

But unfortunately, you have to manually install each driver in the browser. Yes, this application only scans and tells which devices to install the driver for, and provides a download link.

This application can scan offline and display a local HTML file containing a list of all installed peripherals and hardware, as well as notifying whether each has the latest drivers. If not, there will be an Update that can be clicked. Then, you will be taken to a list of drivers that have different versions. Not bad for a free application with a size that is so light.

6. Smart Driver Care

smart driver care
Smart Driver Care

There are times when the drivers that are installed make the condition of the PC more complicated. It does happen sometimes though rarely. To anticipate this, Smart Driver Care offers a backup feature that can save all drivers before they are updated.

So, if after updating the PC condition gets worse, you can return it to its original state with just one click. Plus, Smart Driver Care can be used to update software, you know!

7. DriverHub

For this one, DriverHub is guaranteed to be even more satisfying with its automatic features. You can feel the ease of installing drivers automatically and it also supports bulk downloads.

In addition, all drivers can be installed from within the application, no need to bother visiting the browser. There is also a beginner mode and an Advanced mode that can cater to two different types of audiences. As a free application, DriverHub turns out to have features that are in the same class as the premium versions of other applications.

8. Free Driver Scout

Install this application on your PC, and you can let Free Driver Scout run automatically. From periodic scanning, and downloading, to installing drivers, everything works automatically without any intervention from you.

This application also has an update scheduling feature, so it will only do its job at certain times that you have set. This is quite interesting because this fully automatic feature is usually only owned by paid applications or Pro licenses. But with Free Driver Scout, these features can be enjoyed without paying a penny.

9. Device Doctor

As the name implies, Device Doctor can indeed act as a “doctor” for procuring drivers on your computer. This application is available for free and has a user interface that is easy on the eyes and easy to operate. Unfortunately, this application is not completely free, because there is a Pro license that you can and should choose.

The reason is, that Device Doctor only allows downloading one driver per day if you use the free version. The advantage of Device Doctor is that it can be used portable and can be used for OS versions from Windows XP to Windows 10. You can get Device Doctor Pro for $29.95.

10. IObit Driver Booster

IObit Driver Booster, like most of the other apps on this list, is available in two versions: a free version and a Pro version. For the Pro version, you can still enjoy the free trial period without having to enter credit card information.

Now, let’s discuss its features. IObit Driver Booster promises that all downloaded drivers come from the manufacturer’s official website, and have passed Microsoft WHQL testing and IObit testing. So, don’t worry that the installed drivers will carry viruses or malware. For the price alone. The Pro version of the IObit Driver Booster is priced at $22.95 a year for three PCs.

Those were Top 10 best free drivers update software that are guaranteed to make your day easier. Some of them come with a free trial version or a free version. There are applications such as Free Driver Scout that provide premium-class features even though they are free applications.

Some of these applications can get false positives if you use certain antiviruses. Don’t worry, all the applications that I show are safe! If that problem occurs, just whitelist the download folder or turn off real protection in your antivirus. Good luck!

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