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Best Way To Record Audio
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Recording or recording sound directly on a PC is possible. You also don’t need additional Apps because now there is a default Windows record feature. But sometimes, recording audio with apps is a choice when you need to tune up your recorded audio. Here is the Best Way to record audio on PC.

Best way to record Audio on Windows

The default feature in question is the Audio Recorder for PC App. This App is available on the latest Windows. Like Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11. Here’s how to use it.

1. Open Sound Recorder

First, you can open the Sound Recorder App. You do this by opening the Start Menu, then typing Sound Recorder. If so, you can click the App to open it. Later a User Account Control notification will appear. You can click Yes so you can open it.

Note: Because you will be recording sound with a microphone, ensure the component is not having problems on the PC. If there is a problem, you can do it without a mic, but you must use a headset.

2. Start Recording

When you enter the Audio recorder App, you can record. There is a big red button on the menu with a microphone icon. Suppose you want to start recording sound on a PC. You just need to click the big red button with the microphone icon.

Before you start recording sound, make sure your room is quiet. So you can record sound clearly on the PC.

3. Make a Record

If you have pressed the red microphone button, a duration indicator will appear on the screen, which means the recording process is running. There are several things you should know when recording sound on a PC, namely:

  • If you want to stop audio recording temporarily, you can click the two-line icon or the Pause button. Then click the icon again to reactivate it.
  • Then if you are recording and suddenly you are redirected to another App. Then the Sound Recorder will automatically be paused.

4. Stop Recording

After recording the sound, you can click the Stop icon or the box-shaped button inside the red circle. Then later, the file from the recording you have made will be displayed on the recording list, and your recordings will be saved automatically.

5. Play Recording to Listen

Then you can play the recording by clicking on one of the recording lists, then pressing the Play icon or the triangular shape. After that, please listen to your recordings first. If something is missing, maybe you can recreate it. However, if there is only noise, it is no need to remake it. You only need to edit it with an App like Audacity so that the noise is gone.

Besides Audacity, you can also edit recordings with other Apps. For example, with Cool Edit Pro, Adobe Audition, or using PC Audio Recorder to make it clear.

6. Cut the Record

Well, when you have listened to the recording, some parts of the sound you might not want. You can click Trim to cut the recording sound, then adjust it by pressing the round slider on the right or the left. You can slide to select the desired part of the recording.

When you have finished setting it, you click OK and can select Save a Copy or Update Original.

7. Rename Files

After everything is done, you can rename the recording file. You just need to click Rename. Then, you rename the file as desired. If you have, you click Rename to set it. That way, you are no longer difficult to find saved recording files.

That’s how to record sound on a PC without using the software. You only need to use the Windows default App. It’s also easy to use. However, keep in mind that the App may look slightly different on every Windows. But the same.


Does Windows 10 have an audio recorder?

Yes, It is; you can open it by Start>>>write “Voice Recorder.” You need to connect an additional peripheral to use it like a microphone, or you can install the voice recorder directly from the Microsoft store

Can Audacity Record Desktop Audio?

Yes, Audacity has a feature that can record the audio coming out of your computer.

How to Record Audio on a laptop with an external Microphone?

You just need to open the default audio recorder and plugin whether it is your headset with a microphone or a standalone microphone, but sometimes you need to set the default input of your audio peripheral

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