Google Web Stories Explanation And Its 5 Advantages

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Google web stories and its advantages
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What is Google Web Stories? Recently, this blogging feature has been widely discussed, especially among international bloggers. It seems that Google wants to catch up with social media platforms that use the story feature as content. 

This feature works differently from the story content you find on social media. Still, it can create the latest innovations to increase brand awareness. To learn more from this Google Web Stories, see the explanation below. 

What is Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories is developed by AMP technology. It’s a feature that uses full-screen format on mobile devices. Web Stories can be like social media story systems, which are interactive and can be shifted to view additional content. 

Unfortunately, not many people already know about the latest features from Google. 

You must be familiar with the feature on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms for those who are used to it. What makes Google Web Stories different from the story elements on other platforms is that you can post stories on your website without a time limit. 

Stories on social media are only displayed for 24 hours, and later content will automatically disappear. Very different from these Web Stories. You control the timing and type of content to be published. 

The story content on the website can be in the form of a slideshow combined with images/photos, videos, and text. 

Even though Web Stories are displayed on your website, other users can find these stories in searches such as Google Discover and Google Search Image. Google Web Stories can provide you with better traffic, including SEO. 

Advantages of Using Google Web Stories

Advantage of google web stories
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Web Stories work differently from the features you find on social media platforms. This latest blogging feature provides new good benefits for its users. 

Some advantages of using Web Stories to help optimize your digital marketing strategies.

1. Take Full Control

The system follows the existing provisions if you look at the story features on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and others. Even in terms of content creation, sharing, to handling content, everything is based on the provisions of the platform itself. 

Everything about Google Web Stories is in your hands. You can create content as you wish. Your web name will also know the story content. So there will be no frills “a platform” when other users see the story content. 

2. Can be customized at will

Back again, glancing at the story features available on social media, you can only create content with limited elements according to platform policies. 

But you don’t find this in Google Web Stories. You can fully control the content. Starting from animation features, text, images, videos, and other elements not available on social media platforms. 

3. No Showtime Limits

As explained above, you can set the broadcast time for Web Stories content individually. It is very different from story content on social media, which is only displayed for 24 hours. 

Story content also can be posted on your website as long as you want, and you are the one who will hold full-time content impressions. So others can find your website more easily. 

4. Wider Reach

You certainly understand that stories on social media can only be seen if users have followed each other or visited other accounts. Well, it’s different from Google Web Stories, whose content can be found by other users while accessing Google searches. 

The story’s content can even enter the image search according to the keywords entered by the user. With these advantages, you can conclude that Web Stories are reliable for digital marketing optimization. 

5. SEO Optimization

After struggling with Website SEO, you can now get more good traffic with Google Web Stories. Because the content of this story is technically the original property of a website, you can get a bigger chance at SERP (Search Engine Results). 

You can add a link and a Call to Action here. Of course, that way will add higher traffic to your website. 

How to Create Web Stories Content

At this point, you must be interested in trying Google Web Stories. Here are Third-party applications you can use, such as:

Plugin Web Stories For  WordPress

You can create interesting story content using the available plugins if you currently have a website based on the WordPress system. Google provides this plugin, and You can install this plugin directly to create content as you wish.


The second is third-party software, MakeStories, the easiest tool for creating Web Stories content. Almost the same as the WordPress plugin discussed earlier. Even this program already has WordPress integration. 


Have you used the Shopify e-commerce website before? Recently, Shopify released the ProductStories app.

This feature, of course, can help increase sales even higher. Not only that, the use of this third-party application is quite easy and efficient! There are many unique story design templates for your brand products. 

The appearance of Google Web Stories doesn’t seem as popular as the story feature on social media. To use this blogging feature, a user must first understand SEO and all the important parts of the website. 

But if you already understand how to use it, its positive impact is very pronounced, and there’s nothing to lose if you try it, right?

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