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top 10 best messaging apps for Android
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Talking about messaging apps today is a little confusing. Because if you go to Google PlayStore, you will find numerous free messaging apps that you can easily download. But Which is the best messaging app for Android?

You can message anyone and everyone with this best Android messaging app. Except for some of today’s best Android phones, Google Messages has become the default texting app on all Android phones.

Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android

1. Best Messaging App – WhatsApp

Best Messaging App - WhatsApp
Source PlayStore

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app recognized among Android and iOS users. This app is mostly used to keep in touch with friends and family.  We can exchange messages and voice notes and send files (photos, videos, links, documents).

We can make video calls with other users on WhatsApp besides chats. So this is one of the best ways to connect with other people. In addition, we must remember that this app has a desktop version, WhatsApp Web, so we can respond to the chats we have from the PC.

WhatsApp can be downloaded for free on Android from the Play Store. This app has no purchases or ads, so we can use all its functions without paying. It is the most famous of the messaging apps and the most used, so most of your friends probably have accounts with it.

2. Best Messaging App – Telegram

Best Messaging App - Telegram
Source PlayStore

Telegram is WhatsApp’s rival in instant messaging apps. This app has gained a lot of users over time, mainly because it is presented as a much more personal alternative, which is very important for Android users. A popular function in Telegram is the possibility of having self-destructive chats. You can specify how long it will take to be deleted automatically. So they are all private.

In Telegram, we can have individual and group chats. In addition, Groups can have thousands of participants. There are also many channels to join so we can be aware of issues or access content. 

The app also supports sending large files, making it a much better choice than WhatsApp for sending large photos or videos. We can also create a group and video calls in the app, so we can always keep in touch with other people.

Inside the app, there are no ads or purchases of any kind. Apart from that, it is a very secure and private app, which is one aspect that contributes to its popularity. Recently Telegram Added a Subscription that adds many more advantages we can get. Still, in more detail, you can explore itself in the app.

3. Best Messaging App – Signal

Best Messaging App - Signal
Source PlayStore

Signal is one of the most developed messaging apps of the year. The European Commission calls it the most secure and private instant messaging app, which has undoubtedly helped more people open accounts on it. Signal only collect the user’s phone number as personal data. The app does not attempt to collect user data. It means that its use is private at all times.

We can have individual and group chats and make calls and video calls. Like Telegram, we have a function that allows sending messages that are automatically deleted. Taking pictures is also impossible if we want a more private chat. Like in other messaging apps, we can send files in chat (photos, videos, documents). In addition, Signal provides customization options, such as changing the background of each conversation.

Signal is a free download messaging app for Android devices, available on the Play Store. This app has no ads or purchases in it. It is a guarantee in terms of security and privacy, which is why it has managed to earn its place as one of the best messaging apps on Android.

4. Messaging App – LINE

Best Messaging App - Line
Source PlayStore

LINE is one of the least known messaging apps in Europe compared to the other names mentioned on this list. However, it’s presented as an option to consider. This option may be preferred by those looking for an app to talk only with friends, as the app is more casual and based largely on its many stickers. LINE is growing in the market and has around 170 million active users.

In-app chats are end-to-end encrypted, although this option can be disabled in its settings, for example. It also has video calls with support for video calls of up to 200 people. The app is cloud-based but supports using it on only one device simultaneously. There is also a version for PC, so you don’t have to turn on the phone. They are independent of each other. The app has its ecosystem, with its own story and payment system.

LINE isn’t as well-known or widespread as other messaging apps. Still, it’s an interesting option, as it’s an option halfway between a messaging app and a social network, with its payment system included. Downloading this app on Android is free, although there are ads and purchases.

5. Messaging App – Viber

Best Messaging App - Viber
Source PlayStore

With more than a billion users worldwide, Viber is one of the most popular messaging apps. The Viber app allows us to add contacts automatically, giving us access to a function we already know, like having individual and group chats with friends and family. You can send text messages and stickers in chats and make calls or video calls with these people.

 The app supports video calls of up to 20 people simultaneously.

Of course, sharing files in the conversations we have in the app is possible so that we can send photos or videos anytime. The group chats in the app are quite extensive, as they can have up to 250 participants. In-app chats are end-to-end encrypted, so we have that important security aspect in mind.

Viber for Android is available in the Google Play Store, and it’s free. This app has in-built purchases and ads, with which you can access several additional functions. It performs well in terms of functionality, so this is another good app to consider in this market segment.

6. Messaging App – Google Messages

Google Messages
Source PlayStore

Google Messages is the native SMS app on Android phones. It is also compatible with most brands in the operating system. This app goes beyond SMS, as it has sometimes supported RCS messaging, making it an option to consider in a messaging app for Android. It’s a much more basic app than the others on the list, but it’s oriented toward those who just want to send messages from time to time.

The operation of RCS messages also depends on your carrier, so not all users who have Google Messages can enjoy this functionality. Google Messages can send messages and photos if we want. 

Google Messages is a free download from the Google Play Store for Android phones. This app is compatible with many models, but some phones may not allow it to be used. Also, whether or not you have support for RCS messaging on your carrier.

7. Wechat

Source PlayStore

Wechat is an app that has been successful in Asia for a long time, counting behind them with the most users in the rising sun. It’s an app with the basics being one of them, including being able to chat via text, calls, videos, and other functions available on WeChat.

Wechat is a messaging app you can try and stay if you are interested in it as a secondary app. WeChat has downloaded more than 100 million on Android.

8. Facebook Messenger

Messaging App - Facebook Messenger
Source PlayStore

Facebook Messenger is messaging app, especially if you are on the social network Facebook. It is installed independently of the Facebook app and can be used without being inside the social network.

You can send voice messages, launch video calls, send messages to added contacts, and many other functions available. Integrate quality stickers and emojis. You can also add others that the app offers.

9. Skype

Source PlayStore

It is the longest-running cross-platform communication tool owned by Microsoft and currently has the most users. It is quite popular. Also used as number 1 for video conferencing. It remains the best, thanks to its updates.

It allows you to chat via classic or video calls, send documents, photos, and much more in one app. Skype is still called one of the most important apps when it comes to messaging. Many people use it, with more than 700 million users worldwide.

10. Twinme

Source PlayStore

It’s one of the least known messaging apps, but that doesn’t make it too far from those mentioned. Twinme will not request personal data from the user or store anything on the mobile device, nor does it require a phone number to function.

The app is end-to-end encrypted, and voice calls and video conferencing will be safe for users who use Twinme. Twinme has more than 1 million downloads on Android.

New features are constantly being added to the messaging platform, including the ability to send payments, play games with a group of friends, and have group video chats. A “Lite” version is available for those who don’t want all the bells and whistles or have internet connectivity issues.

Once again all list above is based on my own experience, thank you for your understanding

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