How To Restore Google Account On A Lost Phone

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How To Restore Google Account
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If your phone suddenly disappeared, you may need a way to recover the google account on it. But how to restore google account?

If you lose your phone, it will be difficult to recover your Google account. Moreover, it becomes very complicated if our account is not issued first. Self-mail account recovery is a great solution when you’re having problems with losing your phone. However, you need to use some methods to help restore your google account smoothly. 

If you lose your account, you can access the lost Google account because you can access the Google Recovery login. Pay attention to the following ways you may have done before and follow the steps below to the end.

Some Methods How to Restore Google Account

Google offers two options for users who want to recover their Google account: a recovery phone number and a recovery email address. If you can’t do either of the two options above, say goodbye to your Google account. When you create a Google account, you can set the account recovery method below.

Restore Google Account Using Recovery Email Address

The first step to Recovering your Google Account on Lost Phone is to use the recovery email address you registered. The procedure is as follows: 

1. Go to the Gmail login page and enter your email address. Tap Next to continue. 

2. Next, you will be asked to Input your password. Select “Forgot Password”. 

3. Gmail sends an email to your registered recovery email account through a verification code. Copy the code and click Next. 

4. Then go to the page to create a new email password. Create a new strong password, but you can remember it easily and click Save Password.

Restore Google Account Using Recovery Number

Apart from using the recovery email, you can also recover your Google account using the recovery number you registered. 

1. Go to your Gmail page, enter your email address on the login page, and click Next. 

2. Then select If you forgot your password. 

3. Then, you will be asked to enter a verification code. Find the word “Try Another Way” and click it. 

4. Next, Google will allow you to receive a verification code. You can do this by message or phone. Please choose one of the two. 

5. Then check your smartphone to receive a call or verification code. Copy the code shown and enter it in the field indicated. Then click Next. 

6. Then, you will be asked to create a new password. Create and remember a strong password and click Save Password. Google will provide a “Security Checkup” recommendation if it successful.

Then How to Recover a Deleted Google Account?

Recover a Deleted Google Account Using Recovery Number

One of the Ways to recover a permanently deleted Google account is to use the phone number that you registered when creating an email account with Google or Gmail: 

1. Visit the Gmail login page 

2. Enter the Gmail email address you want to recover and click “Next.” 

3. On the password page, select Skip or Try another question 

4. Enter the registered recovery phone number and click “Send Message.” 

5. Wait a few minutes for the verification code to arrive on your smartphone. Make sure the recovery number is still active and use it. 

6. When you receive the verification code, fill in the fields provided and click Next. 

7. Create a new password and click Next 

Recover a Deleted Google Account Using recovery email

The next way is to use a recovery email address or recovery email. Please continue using the email so you can receive the verification code: 

1. Open your browser and copy this article or click on the following link 

2. Enter the email address you want to restore and click “Next.” 

3. Then select Try another method 

4. Enter the recovery email address you registered for recovery and click Send. 

5. Wait for Google to send a verification code to that email address 

6. Then enter or copy the sent verification code (6 digits in total) in the column shown and click Next. 

7. On the next page, if you click Change Password, you can reset a new password or create a new one. 

8. It’s done. Now you can re-enter the Google account.

Suppose your Gmail account feels lost even though it was disabled for other reasons, such as violating Google’s service policies (Terms of Service). So Please read Google’s Terms of Service (Terms of Service) carefully to ensure that any violation you commit will not happen again. 

Later, Google will give you an email address to recover the deactivated account. The occurrence of a Gmail account that Google has disabled is usually due to a serious violation of the Terms of Service and Google’s policy of monitoring your account. 

One example is a violation when your AdSense account engages in invalid click activity. If what happened is considered less serious, you should be able to get your account back within 24-48 hours or 1 to 2 days, depending on the situation.

Some Reasons Why People Often Forget Email Passwords or Lost

1. Using Symbols

Using unique and odd symbols is one of the common requirements for creating passwords. However, if you have too many characters or numbers, then there is a chance that you will forget the password or password.

2. Password is too long

The second reason is to use a password that is too long. Using long passwords is a great way to increase security against password theft. It’s a good idea to write your password in your phone memo or diary, so you don’t forget it easily.

3. Changing Passwords Too Often

One of the reasons people tend to forget passwords is because they change or change passwords frequently. Changing your password sometime is important to prevent information and data theft and restrict access by keystroke loggers. 

This keystroke logger is a commonly used technology to record keystrokes by users. Therefore, changing your password sometime will minimize theft from your keystroke logger.

The final word

The method described above allows you to recover a deleted or lost google account, so ensure your recovery email address or phone number is always active and ensure your password doesn’t contain any personal information found by others. If you think your account has been hacked by someone else, you can follow the steps described in Recovering Your Google Account.

Losing A phone has become a big problem right now since this lost phone can contain important information. Sometimes people prefer their phone to be keyless, which means people who fount it can easily gather the data, so secure your data by clearing your cache and cookies on your browser, two steps verification, always activate your location and data, or you can add more secure tool like independent GPS that intact on your phone, it can be phone chase or keychain.

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