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free video editing apps for android
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Creating video content is now easier with the presence of a smartphone. We can record, edit, and upload it to YouTube just by using a cellphone and with the help of Video editing Apps.

Lots of video editing apps for Android that we can try for free. On this occasion, I will recommend some of the best apps you can try.

To edit videos smoothly on an Android cellphone, at least we have to use a cellphone with RAM above 1 GB, even better if you use a cellphone with 2 GB RAM and above. The bigger the RAM, the smoother the editing process because RAM is the most important resource when editing videos.

Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Apps For Android


Video Editing App - Filmorago
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The First best video editing app on Android is FilmoraGo. This app has been used and liked by millions of people around the world. In the Playstore, FilmoraGo has become one of the top apps that focus on developing video editing on Android phones.

We can do all editing activities such as trimming, cutting, adding music, giving effects, adding transitions, and making slow-motion videos very easily.

The appearance of the FilmoraGo app is also clean and pleasing to the eye. The location of the navigation menus is also very simple so that it is easy to use by anyone. This app is suitable for those who want to create YouTube video content but are still beginners in editing. With FilmoraGo, we can make cool videos with just a few clicks.

The FilmoraGo app can be used for free, but if you want more exclusive features, we have to pay for the pro version. After editing videos on our Android phones, we can also directly share the video to social media with just one click.

FilmoraGo Pro features :

  • Import photos and videos from the gallery
  • Make a video from a photo collection
  • Can preview the edited video in real time
  • Add background music
  • Have a large collection of ready-made effects and templates
  • A fairly complete editor tool
  • Can export videos to popular ratio formats such as 1:1 for Instagram and 16:9 for YouTube
  • Make reverse video
  • Complete collection of transitions

2. ActionDirector

Video Editing App - ActionDirector
Image Source PlayStore

The next best editor on Android is ActionDirector Video Editor. We can get it for free on the Playstore. We can also buy the pro version to get more exclusive features.

This app has a complete editor tool. We can edit videos by using a professional app on a PC. We can import videos and photos from the gallery and edit them with this app. To do standard editing such as trimming, cutting, adding text, and effects to make slow motion can be made with just a few clicks.

One of the advantages of this ActionDirector Video Editor app is its ability to process and produce videos with 4K resolution. This is cool because there are still not many android video editor apps that can edit 4K videos.

ActionDirector Video Editor Features:

  • Cut, add transitions, text, and effects to videos
  • Make slow-motion videos
  • Add background music to videos
  • Edit the color, brightness, contrast, and saturation of videos
  • Record videos and music from a library
  • Add filters
  • Have a large collection of cool stickers
  • Making rewind videos

3. KineMaster

Video Editing App - Kinemaster
Image Source PlayStore

The next best video editing app on Android is Kinemaster. This app is liked by many users. Maybe you often see videos scattered on social media with a watermark from this app.

Kinemaster is a simple editor but instantly has pretty cool features for doing video editing. We can do video editing activities ranging from cutting, trimming, adding transitions, combining several video clips, adding background music, and making slow-motion videos.

This app has a simple but easy-to-use interface, and the design is also easy to understand. The free version has a watermark; you can buy the pro version if you don’t like the watermark. But apart from that, all the useful tools for editing videos can be used for free.

Kinemaster Features:

  • Edit videos with a multi-layer editor
  • Instantly add photos, stickers, and text to videos
  • Kinemaster has a large collection of video effects
  • Basic editing tools that are free to use, starting from cutting, trimming, and cropping videos
  • Add background music to videos
  • Keyframe animation
  • Making timelapse videos
  • Export videos with 4K resolution
  • Share editing results directly to Facebook, YouTube, etc.

4. VivaVideo

Video Editing App - VivaVideo
Image Source PlayStore

VivaVideo is designed with a clean and easy-to-use design but has many cool features.

We can edit videos with Vivavideo that look professional. We can use many templates and effects to make the edited videos look more attractive.

For those who like to upload video content on social media, we can also make funny videos using VivaVideo, where a large collection of funny stickers can be used. One of the really cool features of this app is that we can make slow-motion videos with just one click.

VivaVideo Pro Features :

  • Cut and merge video clips
  • Make slow-motion videos
  • Make a video from the photo collection in the gallery
  • Add background music
  • Add cool effects to videos
  • Export HD quality videos
  • Share the editing results directly on social media

5. VideoShow

Image Source PlayStore

VideoShow has a simple UI that is very friendly for novice users. The interface is clean, and the navigation of the menus is very easy to understand. So don’t be afraid for those without video editing experience because this app is very easy to use.

We can cut videos, combine clips, and add background music, to add cool effects to videos. One feature I like is live dubbing, where we can fill in the sound of the video we edit with our voice recordings from the cellphone mic.

In VideoShow, there are also more than 50 different themes that are ready for us to use.

VideoShow Features:

  • 50+ ready-made themes to beautify videos
  • Live dubbing
  • Cool effects collection
  • Can add some background music
  • Compress video before export to reduce its size

6. Funimate

Image Source PlayStore

Funimate is the best funny video editing app on Android that you can get for free. This app can create videos with cool effects instantly. 

The Funimate app has a collection of more than 100 cool effects ready for us to use on the videos we edit. One of the most popular favorite effects of the Funimate app is the video loop which is often used to create Instagram stories or snap on WhatsApp.

The Funimate app can also act like social media. We can follow the famous video creators in this app and get followers. Funimate is suitable for social media activists because it is easy to make funny videos ideal for uploading.

Funimate features:

  • Cool collection of video effects
  • Can make your own video effects
  • Add background music to edited videos
  • Has a ready-to-use collection of cute emojis, texts, and stickers
  • Cut and merge multiple-click videos from the gallery
  • Make video loops
  • Sharing the edited video on social media

7. PowerDirector

Image Source PlayStore

PowerDirector is a professional video editor app we can use on Android phones. This app has very exclusive features for the business of making videos from cell phones. We can instantly create video content for YouTube, Instagram, or other purposes.

This app has a timeline editor, which is easier to use than other apps, but maybe we need to get used to it to properly use the controls.

In the PowerDirector app, we can use more than 30 cool effects in the videos we edit. We can create interesting video content by utilizing video templates prepared in the app.

One of the cool features that I like about this app is that we can make green screen videos easily. For those who want to edit transparent videos with a green screen background on an Android phone, this app is perfect for use.

We can also set the video export results to Full HD resolution up to 4K. One of the drawbacks is that the video results from this app have a watermark. We have to buy the pro version to export videos without a watermark. But if you don’t have a problem with that, the free version of this app also has features that are quite complete for video editing purposes on Android.

PowerDirector Features:

  • Video stabilizer to edit videos that shake when recorded
  • Drag drop controls
  • Cool collection of video effects
  • Cut and merge multiple video clips
  • Make a video from the photo collection in the gallery
  • Voice over to make dubbing videos
  • Voice editor
  • Video color editor
  • Make slow-motion videos

8. Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Maker Filmaker
Image Source PlayStore

Movie Maker Film Maker app can be obtained 100% free from Playstore. We can use all the cool features in it without having to buy the pro version.

The appearance of this app is very simple but full of practical features for editing videos only with a cellphone. This app provides popular video formats suitable for YouTube, Instagram, and other social media content.

This app seems to have enough features to make short videos, but as usual, free apps have a weakness in in-app ads that appear too often and may be inconvenient for some users.

Movie Maker Movie Maker Features:

  • Basic tools editor
  • Cut, merge, and effect videos
  • Add background music to videos
  • Add cute text and stickers
  • Share the edited results on social media

9. Quik

Video Editing App -Quik
Image Source PlayStore

Quik is an android video editor that is suitable for editing travel videos. For those of you who like to create traveling video content, this app is perfect as an instant choice.

We can do video editing easily. This app’s UI design and navigation are very simple and suitable for novice users. One of the cool features of it is an automatic video maker. We can make videos based on the themes provided with just one click.

This app can also add stickers, text, and animation effects to our edited videos. The results of our work can be exported in 720p and 1080p (full HD) resolutions.

Quik Features:

  • Have 23 cool themes ready to use
  • Cut and merge multiple video clips
  • Add text and stickers
  • Added cool animation effects
  • Add background music to videos
  • Compatible with GoPro cameras

10. Video Editing AppCapcut

Video Editing App - Capcut
Image Source PlayStore

CapCut is a video editor app that can be found and downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. The features given by this app are quite useful. Call it transitions, adjustments, filters, layers, trimming, and many others. 

The features mentioned above are standard in other video editing apps, but what makes Capcut different is even though it’s free, these features feel premium to use.

Capcut features:

  • Has the Best Stabilizer Features
  • Available Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Feature Rich and Stable Performance
  • Capcut doesn’t have a watermark like other free apps.

Those are the 10 best video editing apps on Android that you can get for free.

Video editing is easy to do when technology has developed far. Still, with this convenience, it is necessary to have adequate tools and software so that results are maximized. Thank you, and see you in the next article. happy reading!

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