Alarm Clock App To Make You Wake Up On Time

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Best alarm clock app to wake up on time
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10 Best Alarm Clock Apps That Can Make You Wake Up on time. For those who are very interested in setting the time, you need an alarm clock app to remind and wake you when you are asleep.

But the problem is that the alarm clock apps on our cellphones are just default, so we become bored and less motivated to wake up and continue our activities.

Therefore, here I will share the best alarm apps that can be a reference for you and make the alarm on your cellphone more interesting.

Why is it more interesting? Because third-party alarm clock apps offer many interesting features compared to alarm clock apps on the default cellphone. Let’s check this out!

Top 10 Best Alarm Clock Apps

1. Alarmy

Can’t wake up with just an alarm that relies on ringtones alone? Maybe it’s time for you to try this most annoying alarm app. It is Alarmy, which is a smart as well as annoying alarm clock app to wake someone up.

best alarm clock app - alarmy
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The reason is that Alarmy users must register a place in their home far from the bedroom, such as the kitchen or bathroom. To turn off the alarm that sounds, the user inevitably has to walk to the registered place and take a picture of the house.

Feel that this is too extreme? No problem because Alarmy has other ways to turn off the ringing alarm. Users can shake their smartphones or solve math problems to turn off the alarm.

2. Alarm Clock Xtreme

best alarm clock app - alarm clock extreme
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First, there’s a great alarm app that’s fun and works well. Alarm Clock Xtreme, made by AVG Labs, has a good alarm function, where the alarm tone will sound slowly and then gradually increase. Of course, this app serves to wake its users naturally without startling them.

Plus, the app has a large snooze button, so even with your eyes, half closed, you can still press the button to snooze the alarm. Alarm Clock is also equipped with a sleep timer feature to monitor the quality of your sleep.

3. Alarm Clock for Me free

best alarm clock app - alarm clock for me free
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The Alarm Clock for Me free app allows users to decorate widgets and display alarms on their respective Android screens. This app has also prepared several ringtones for alarm, but if you feel it doesn’t fit the ringtone, you can choose the songs on your cellphone to be used as alarm ringtones.

Another advantage of Alarm Clock for Me free is that there is information about the weather for each day. What’s unique is that this app has two ways to turn off the alarm. Firstly, you can press the off button like a normal alarm, and secondly, you can shake your phone to turn off the alarm.

5. Simple Alarm Clock Free

simple alarm clock free
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Simple Alarm Clock Free is a free alarm clock app designed to create, edit and delete alarms easily. You can not only use the alarm to wake up in the morning but also to set reminders for your tasks during the day.

In this alarm app, you can type the time for the alarm directly. You can simply press the button for your new alarm hour and minute on the on-screen numeric keyboard. Apart from being free, Simple Alarm Clock Free comes with dozens of other features.

6. Alarm Clock Beyond

alarm clock beyond
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With this alarm clock app, you can set it for one time, weekly, up to a specific time. One feature of Alarm Clock Beyond is that it provides many ways to stop the alarm after you wake up, such as with captcha math, shaking, walking, and more. Fun, isn’t it?

In addition, this alarm app also supports the selection of alarm sounds, such as ringtones, music, playlists, or online radio. You can also set the alarm by voice by saying “Ok, Google” and then set the schedule.

8. Clock by Google

App by google
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Clock by Google may already be installed on your Android phone. But if you haven’t, you can install it because it can be used as a simple alarm.

You can set alarms, add timers, and run the stopwatch. Then you can track time worldwide using the world clock and set a bedtime schedule, listen to sleep sounds, and view your calendar.

9. Smart Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

App 09
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Do you often oversleep because you can’t get up? It’s time for you to install the Smart Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers on your smartphone. This alarm will wake you up gradually, from the softest ringtone to the loudest. In addition, you can wake up with your favorite songs and real-time weather forecast every day.

Thinking of turning off and snoozing the alarm? Not that easy. The reason is to press the snooze button on the Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers. You have to complete challenges ranging from math, captcha, Wi-Fi, NFC, barcodes, and several others. Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers will also record your holidays, so this alarm clock app doesn’t sound during those holidays.

10. Funny Alarm Ringtones

Funny ringtones
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Have trouble waking up with a regular alarm? Just try this Funny Alarm Ringtones application. This app offers 100+ funny alarm sounds and funny ringtones for free. You can choose a funny notice that you like in the hope that it will help you wake up faster.

Here are 10 of the best alarm apps for those who are often late or have trouble getting up. Hopefully, by installing the application above, you can be more punctual and don’t oversleep anymore.

11. Sleep Cycle

The sleep cycle alarm application not only wakes you from sleep but can also analyze the quality of your sleep.

The method is very easy. Placing the cellphone near you directly detects your motion and sleeping behavior.

Data can be taken and conclude the quality of your sleep, whether you sleep well and when to use the alarm to wake your rest. So sophisticated, isn’t it?

The best alarm application above is powerful enough to wake you up in various creative and sophisticated ways. Guaranteed by using it, then you can be fully aware and wake up according to your wishes that have been previously arranged.

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Thank you for your time reading my article, see you in the next article. Happy Reading!

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