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How to Download Twitter Video
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You can download Twitter video with certain tools. You can use it in various ways, for example, through a web-based downloader platform, mobile apps, or Telegram.

This article will discuss downloading Twitter videos on cellphones and laptops easily. This article suits young people who like to hunt for video memes.

You must often find cool and funny video content on Twitter. How to download Twitter videos are very easy. You can follow the following guide.

Few Steps How To Download Twitter Video

Download Twitter videos with

If you are looking for a way to download videos on Twitter via cellphone without an app, this method can be the most practical option.

You do not need to install additional apps to the HP. Its downloader tools are web-based, and you can open them via a browser.

  • First of all, click the share button in the video post. 
  • You will see many content-sharing options. Select the “Copy Link” option, and the post’s link will be copied to the clipboard.
  • Directly open the browser on your cellphone. You can use UC Browser, Chrome, or other browser apps. Then open the website
  • Paste the link you copied earlier to the “Enter Twitter URL…” column.
  • Make sure to remove the specific word after the status number.
  • After that, click “Download.”
Download Twitter Videos with Savetweetvid 1
Image Source SaveTweetvid
  • Several video quality options will appear. You can click “Download” on the video quality you want.
Download Twitter Videos with Savetweetvid 2
Image Source Savetweetvid
  • After that, a new page will open. The page will play the video earlier. 
  • Click on the three dots icon in the lower right corner to download it. After that, click “Download.” The video will download and go to your gallery.

Since it’s browser-based, you can also use this method to download Twitter videos using your PC or laptop.

Apart from this website, there are several other similar websites as alternatives, for example,,,,, etc.

Download Twitter Video Using the Android App “Friendly For Twitter.”

If you prefer to use additional apps, we recommend “Friendly For Twitter”. 

This app can be a replacement for your Twitter app. The look and basic features are similar to the official Twitter app. The advantage is that there are several additional features, for example: changing color themes, ad blockers, and most importantly, downloading videos and images instantly.

  • First, download “Friendly For Twitter” from the Play Store, then install it.
  • Once installed, login to your account
  • Find the video post you like to download.
  • Before the video plays, there will be a “Play” and “Download” icon. Click the “Download” icon, and the video will automatically download.
  • Alternatively, click on the “cloud” shaped icon. After that, click the “Download” icon on the video.

This app makes downloading Twitter videos via an Android smartphone much simpler. Even though you have to install additional apps, you can still use this app for everyday life.

Download twitter Video with iOS App “Documents by Readdle.”

If you are an iOS-based device user, one way to download Twitter videos from your iPhone or iPad is to use the help of the Documents by Readdle app. 

  • First, download and install the Documents app: Files, PDF, Browser by Readdle.Inc. on the App Store. After that, leave this app rather.
Documents by Readdle
Image Source Appstore
  • Open your Twitter app. Find the video post you like to download.
  • After that, click “Share” -> “Copy Link.” The link has been copied to the clipboard. Leave the Twitter app first.
  • Open the “Documents” app. This app has a built-up browser. Click the “Browser” icon. Its position is in the menu bar in the lower right corner or the left panel.
  • Once the browser is open, open the Twitter video downloader platform. You can use the alternative websites we presented in the first point. 
  • When the website opens, paste the link in the column provided. Then click “Download.”
  • Video quality options will appear. Click “Download” on one of the quality options.
  • A window will open. Here you can edit the video file name. You can also specify where the video will be saved after downloading.
  • When finished, click “Done.” The download process will run. After the download is complete, the video file is still in “Files.”
  • To display it in the “Camera Roll, “open the “Files” menu. Select the video that was downloaded earlier, click hold, then select the “Share” -> “Save Video” option. Videos can already appear in the Camera Roll.

With Telegram

Yes, you read it right. You can download Twitter videos using Telegram. In principle, how to download Twitter videos via Telegram is to use the “Twitter Media Downloader” bot.

Here are the steps.

  • First, copy the Twitter video link that you want to download.
  • After that, open your Telegram app.
  • In the “Search” field, enter the keyword @twittervid_bot on the Telegram app page.
  • Several channel recommendations will appear. Select “Twitter Media Downloader.”
  • After entering the channel, click “Start.”
  • A field for entering text will open. Paste the Twitter video link that you copied earlier into the text field. Then click “Send.”
Download Twitter Videos with Telegram
Image Source Private doc
  • The bot will send a reply automatically. There are several video qualities that you can choose from. 
  • Choose one, and the video will download.

Using Chrome Extensions

For those who want to download Twitter videos via PC, method number 1 is quite effective and efficient.

But we will provide another alternative that is no less effective. This method is specifically for those of you who use a PC with the Google Chrome browser. 

There is an efficient way to download Twitter videos via Chrome using the “Twitter Media Downloader” extension.

  • First, open Google Chrome on your PC.
  • In a new tab, open Google Chrome Web Store
  • Search extension with the name “Twitter Media Downloader” in the search area.
Twitter media downloader chrome extention
Image Source Chrome Web Store
  • If you’ve found it, click “Add to Chrome.” The extension will be installed in your Chrome browser.
  • Go to your Twitter account. Then find the post you want to download. 
  • In the post, there will be a new icon that says “Mp4.⇩”
Twitter post
Image Source Twitter
  • Click the icon, and the video will immediately download.

On Twitter, tons of people share funny and cool videos. To enjoy it, you must be connected to the internet. But if you can download it, you can enjoy it offline.

In addition, you can also share the video on WA status or IG Stories. If you just use the regular share button, only the link will appear in the status.

You can download the video by various methods. Through HP devices, you can take advantage of the Friendly For a Twitter app for Android and Documents by Readdle for iOS. 

You can even use Telegram to download Twitter videos. 

If you want a practical way without an app, you can use a web-based platform like You can also apply this method to download videos via PC.

The Twitter Media Downloader extension could be the best solution for using Google Chrome.

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