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Slow computer fix
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It will be very annoying for computer users to face a slow computer, making your work not finished quickly. This article may help with how to fix a slow computer.

Today’s computer has become an item that everyone needs. Besides, you can use it to do your job. You can also use a computer to entertain yourself because its functions are completely Flexible. sometimes you will face a slowing performance of your computer, and this happens to everyone who is using it maybe once a time. Here are a few steps to fix a slow computer.

How To Fix A Slow Computer

Clean up unused files

When we watch movies streaming or downloading but fail,  these files are still stored on the computers and will not be deleted until we delete these files. This file is usually called a temporary file, and we can delete temporary files by typing “Disk Cleanup” in the run on the start menu.

You can also use a free cleaner program by downloading the cleaner program here.

Delete files in the temp directory

You can also delete the temp directory files. Open the Run menu by selecting Start > Run or pressing the Windows key + R keyboard combination, then type %temp% and OK.

Delete prefetch directory files

Like the method above, you can type “Prefetch,” and a new window containing unused files will appear. You can delete the file without hesitation to increase the capacity of your hard disk.

Don’t put large files on the desktop.

Usually, we often put our files on our computer desktop, intending to make it easier for us to find the files. However, we should avoid this because storing too many files on the desktop will slow your computer.

Moving all your files on the desktop to another partition on your computer is recommended. In addition, this method can make your computer’s performance faster. This method can also secure your data if the Windows operating system is damaged.

Fix Slow Computer With Defragment hard disk

Typically a computer will be fragmented into hundreds of parts of a file in various locations over time, slowing down your computer’s response and performance.

You can defrag your Harddisk. This process will collect all scattered data by type, making the computer less time-consuming and easier to find.

Your Windows has a built-in defragment program, and you can run this program by typing “Disk Defragmenter” in the run menu at the start.

Fixing Slow Computer by Checking Disk Error

Disk error is caused by various things, such as the computer suddenly shutting down during a blackout or corrupted data.

Therefore. You should check the errors frequently by following the steps below.

  • Click “Start” then “Computer” or “My Computer.”
  • Right-click one of the hard disk partitions,
  • choose “Properties,” then”Tool.
  • Klik “Check Now” 

Remove or uninstall programs that are no longer in use

There’s no point in keeping programs you don’t use anymore. Immediately delete unused programs to increase hard disk space. You can remove programs installed on your computer by deleting them.

Click Start > Control Panel, select “Uninstall a program,” and then delete all programs you don’t use on your computer.

Fixing Slow Computer by Managing startup programs

Programs at startup are programs that will be directly scheduled once our computer is turned on. The operating system needs some programs that run once turned on, but not all are required.

How to fix a slow computer with startup
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You can delete programs that do not need to run automatically. To do this, you can open “Window+R”  then type “MSConfig” > “Startup,” and you can select programs that are not required other than Microsoft’s programs.

Remove visual effects windows.

You can remove the effects of windows so your computer can run faster than usual.

You can select “start,” then type “view advanced,” and select “view advanced system settings,” then select the “Advanced” tab, and select “settings” on the “Performance” menu.

removing visual effect to fix slow computer 1
removing visual effect to fix slow computer 2

Select custom and uncheck the visual effects. Later your windows display will not be as good as before, but your computer will run faster than usual by using this method.

Install antivirus

You will need an antivirus if you often surf the internet and like downloading free programs. Because sometimes, viruses and malware infiltrate the free and unofficial programs you downloaded. It will cause unnecessary things like slowing your computer.

You can look for a lightweight antivirus program and install only one because Installing two antiviruses on your computer can cause your computer to run heavier and slower. But it doesn’t include on high spec computer.

Delete unnecessary Widgets

If you use windows 7, you can use Widgets such as calendars, clocks, and others. All these are run when the computer is on. Use the only needed widgets so it doesn’t make your computer run slow.

Add more RAM (Random Access Memory)

Depending on how you use the computer, RAM  is crucial, especially when you open heavy programs or the latest games with great graphics. It is recommended to use 4GB RAM if you use the computer just for browsing or doing simple typing, but if you want your computer’s performance to be faster, using RAM with a capacity of 8GB and above is mandatory.

Upgrade Your Processor

A processor is the brain of a computer. It was good to have the latest or maybe the one that is not too old because some new driver is not running well or in an old processor. You will face a slow performance when you use it. This happens when I use an old computer to run the latest program. The program is not running well, and some of these programs freeze. So it’s recommended to upgrade it.

Change Your Hardisk to SSD to Increase Computer Performance

if you use windows 10, you will face slowing performance. It happens a lot, and Microsoft itself makes a recommendation to use SSD in windows 10. SSD speed is a hundred more than the common hard disk you use. SSD’s writing and reading speed can be more than 300MB/sec so imagine your computer speed by using it.

The article above may help you with how to fix a slow computer, but I can’t guarantee if it will help you because many reasons are causing your computer to run slow. And thank you for your time in reading this. See you at the next one. Happy reading!

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