Instagram Carousel: Definition And How To Use It

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instagram carousel definition and how to use it
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The rapid development of the internet has also contributed to the significant growth of social media. Social media are experimenting with many formats and features to enhance the user experience. Besides being able to interact with fellow users, you can also use social media to promote your products with the Instagram carousel.

The Instagram carousel is one ad format with many features and engages the audience more. Using the carousel, you can also test the success of your strategy. Before applying it, know the meaning, types, advantages, and how to make it in this article.

What is an Instagram carousel?

Instagram carousel is one of the formats or content on Instagram social media that displays a visual form. The Instagram carousel view has multiple images in one content. Each user can see a row of carousel content by sliding it. If you want to showcase a product and tell a story, the Instagram carousel is the format you can use. Carousels are claimed to create more engagement than posts with only one image or video.

Types of Instagram carousels

Reporting from, you can post two types of carousel content: carousel posts and carousel ads to showcase various products, introduce your business or brand, and more. A carousel post is a slideshow of content in photos or videos that can be shifted horizontally (usually to the left). One popular social media for carousels is Instagram which allows you to have more than ten pieces of content per post.

Carousel ads are display ad formats offered by social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Well, this paid advertising content is an effective way to interact with users who can see it along with other content in Feeds and Stories.

If you want to introduce your product, the Instagram carousel is a marketing strategy that can be used for almost any business or industry. However, some business sectors focusing on visuals will benefit more, such as clothing, beauty, food, fitness, and others.

Advantages of using the Instagram carousel

Advantages of using the Instagram carousel
Advantages of using the Instagram carousel (Source: Pixabay)

You may already be aware that the Instagram carousel is a visually appealing and interactive format. That makes Instagram’s carousel strategy an attractive option for promoting a business. Some studies show that carousels can drive up to ten times more traffic to advertisers’ sites than regular sponsored posts on social media. An Instagram carousel may seem like another format of a social media marketing strategy, but you’ll get more out of it if you apply it properly. Here are some of the advantages of the Instagram carousel.

  • The advantage of the Instagram carousel is that it is more interactive by engaging the audience to click on more of your content. You can increase your brand knowledge to your audience.
  • The Instagram carousel is a visual ad format that moves. It tends to grab the attention of your audience or target more. This format will also encourage your audience to click on your ad, increasing engagement.
  • An Instagram carousel is more cost-effective advertising because it targets a specific audience. That way, you don’t have to waste money targeting consumers who won’t respond to your content.

How to make a carousel

How to make a carousel
Pay attention to visual quality when you want to upload a carousel. (source: pixabay)

Here are some steps to create a carousel ad on Facebook.

  • Opening Facebook Ads Manager
  • Click Create
  • Choose an objective that supports the carousel
  • Filling audience, duration, budget, and schedule sections
  • At the ad level, choose carousel as the ad format
  • Check or uncheck the box next to Automatically show best performing cards first.
  • Uploading pictures and videos
  • Added site URL, description, and action button
  • Repeat steps 7-8 for all cards.
  • Reviewing all your ads
  • Confirm

As mentioned earlier, a carousel is an advertisement in a visual form. Therefore, you need to pay attention to three important things before uploading a carousel, namely:

  • Using high visual quality
  • Using effective and efficient sentences
  • Optimizing ads based on results

You certainly already know that social media users are increasing, which you can use as a business promotion tool. The Instagram carousel is an ad format that you can use to promote your products and increase brand awareness of your business. In addition to Instagram, you can also apply it on various social media.

Instagram is a large social media platform that has been used by billion people, so it’s good to use it as a business promotion tool with a worldwide audience. I hope this article has good information for you, see you in the next article. happy reading!

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