Twitter Spaces How To Create And Manage It

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Twitter Spaces How To Create And Manage It
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As if inspired by the Clubhouse specifically for iOS users, Twitter is now developing a similar new feature for its users. To add to the experience of its users, Twitter then issued a new feature called Twitter Spaces.

What Is Twitter Space?

Twitter spaces are a place where you can interact with other Twitter users. A Twitter space enables you to share and discuss your thoughts and ideas in a private setting. You can join a conversation, show reactions, and record videos. You can enter a Twitter space by tapping the microphone icon. Leaving a space will return you to your Twitter timeline. You can also create your own Twitter space. You can learn more about the Twitter Space feature Provided by NiceBLogger.

Setting up a Twitter Space

You can host your chats on Twitter by setting up a Twitter Space. Then, you can share a link to the Space in a tweet or a direct message (DM) to invite other people to join. Afterward, you can invite people to enter via the link or ask them to the Space themselves. The more people who join your Space, the more active it will become. You can also set reminders for upcoming chats and invite others to participate.

While setting up a Twitter Space can be easy, you must know what you’re doing. Remember that you are creating a conversation and want to create an environment in which your audience can relate. That way, you can encourage users to speak up and ask questions. For example, you can ask users to submit questions to you for a Twitter Space session. If the users respond to these questions, it will help you increase the engagement rate and improve your visibility.

How to Create Twitter Spaces

The method is not complex for those who want to be a host and create a space. Please immediately follow the steps below.

  • Install and Open the Twitter app on your Android Smartphone
  • Press the + button like when you would create a new Tweet and select Spaces
  • Give a name from your Space
  • Choose a topic of discussion in Space, such as technology, food, sports, movies, etc. You can also add sub-topics if necessary.
  • If you want to record Space, slide the icon next to ‘Record Space’ to the right, Or you can just keep the icon on the left.
  • Next, hit Start Your Space to get started. If you want to schedule a Space for a specific time, you can press the calendar icon next to it and set the time according to your needs.
  • Your space has started. By pressing the two-person icon, you can add co-hosts, listeners, and speakers. You can also invite other users to join by pressing the invite button next to the button to create a new Tweet.

Well, those are some ways to create Twitter Spaces easily. You can also share the Space link created in a new Tweet to liven up the Space.

And if you want to end the Space, you can immediately press the End button in the form of red writing at the top right of the screen.

Managing a Twitter Space

To join a Twitter Space, you need to know a few things first. First, it’s important to note that you can only start a Space through the app. You can’t do this in the web version, but you can still invite your followers to join your Space.

Secondly, a Twitter Space is public, meaning everyone can listen to and participate. You can invite up to 10 people to speak in your Space. However, you can limit speakers to followers or select carefully-handpicked Twitter users. However, remember that Spaces are public by default, so be sure to invite only people you trust. In addition, you should never forget that any Space is public, so be sure to choose who you want to have as speakers.

How to Manage Twitter Spaces Viewers and Listeners

As a host, you can manage who can listen to or watch your Space other than the members who join. Indeed, Spaces can be viewed and accessed by the public because Twitter is a public space.

However, again, you are the host. So you can control who can access the created Space to maintain privacy. Here’s how:

  • Please press the icon that says ‘other’ (with three dots symbol) in the left navigation
  • Go to the Settings and privacy menu
  • In the Settings menu, look for Privacy and security
  • Go to your Twitter Activity menu and press Spaces
  • You just have to choose the option to enable or disable permissions for your followers to listen and view the Space you created

How to Join Twitter Spaces

If you want to join a Space as a listener, you can practice this method. Of course, you can choose the Space that suits your desires or needs for discussing specific topics at that time. Here the steps to join Space.

  • Open the Twitter app.
  • On the homepage, tap the microphone icon in the center of the screen to view the Spaces created by other users/hosts.
  • Select the Space you want to join. This page will display the scheduled, trending, or ongoing Spaces.
  • Choose the desired Space, then Start the  Listening button
  • To exit Space, press the button labeled ‘Leave’ at the top right of the screen

If you don’t find the Space you want on the dedicated Twitter Spaces page, you can join via a link shared by other hosts/users.

Well, that’s the procedure for using Twitter Spaces. From starting to create the Space, managing who can hear or join the Space, and also enter the desired Space.

Twitter is a social media that has a lot of users and with the presence of the Twitter spaces feature, it can be expected to have a positive impact that is useful for its users. that’s all for this article, thank you and see you in the next article. Happy reading!

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