How To Use BitLocker In Your Windows 11

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What Is bitlocker and how to use it

What Is BitLocker

BitLocker is a full-volume encryption feature that comes with Microsoft Windows Vista. This feature encrypts entire volumes using the AES encryption algorithm, XTS mode, and a 128-bit key. It protects sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized users. If you’re concerned about data theft, you should enable BitLocker on your computer. Here’s how it works.

Bitlocker works by encrypting VMK files, which are typically stored on disk. It protects your system by preventing unauthorized users from accessing unencrypted files. During a boot cycle, Bitlocker will enter Recovery mode if it finds the boot chain has been modified.

How To Enable BitLocker On Windows 11

  • First, Click your Windows Icon, then type “BitLocker”.
  • Click the “Manage BitLocker”.
  • You will see the option to activate your BitLocker whether you activate it on c: d: or removable drive.
  • Click “Turn On BitLocker” on the partition you want to use.
  • Wait till the process is done.
  • Then input the password. You will use this password to unlock the drive you lock later.
  • Choose a strong password, but it’s still easy for you to remember.
  • Click “Next” after you complete inputting the password.
  • You will see an option to where you should save your backup recovery key.
  • I suggest you choose all methods so if one can’t be used, you still have other ways.
  • Click “Next” Choose between full encrypt or encrypt only on the used disk.
  • Click “Next” You will see an option on what encryption mode you want to choose the first option is the newest one, and the second option is a compatible mode, so you can move your drive to another with a different windows version with this second option.
  • Click “Next” and “Start Encrypt
  • Wait till the process is done and the proses to Turn it On is done.

Benefit Using BitLocker

BitLocker is a feature of Windows that protects your data. This feature can be turned on or off in the BIOS or by installing a driver. Once turned on, it will unlock the drives and automatically relock them when you remove them. It works well on USB devices and is particularly useful on newer PCs with a TPM module on the motherboard, which automatically unlocks drives when Windows logs in.

BitLocker also helps protect sensitive data when lost or stolen. It encrypts all user and system files on the operating system drive and checks the integrity of boot configuration data and early boot components. It requires a recovery password or key, which can be saved on a Microsoft account or printed out. However, if the hard drive is removable, you should not store the recovery key on the same drive.

Recovery Key For BitLocker

The recovery key for BitLocker is a PIN code that prevents your computer from locking its data volume. The key is kept in the TPM hardware on your computer, so it should never be in the hands of an attacker. Once BitLocker has encrypted your data, it will not allow an unauthorized party to read it, even if the computer is turned off. However, this won’t protect you against ransomware because software can still be installed onto an encrypted drive.

When you want to use the recovery key, first, choose a safe location for it. A USB drive can be an excellent place to save it. Another option is to print a copy of the recovery key. Ideally, you should store a copy on a different computer.

What Is BitLocker Recovery Key

You need to find your PC’s Microsoft account to get your BitLocker recovery key. Sign in with your Microsoft account and open the Devices page to see it. Select your device. Next, click the “Info & Support” tab and click on “Manage recovery keys.” You will then be able to see your BitLocker recovery key. You must match this recovery key to the one stored on your computer.

The BitLocker recovery key is a unique code stored on your computer in case it is accidentally deleted. It can be stored in the backup file or in your Active Directory. Then, whenever you have an issue with your computer, you can recover your account with the recovery key. If you’ve forgotten your passphrase or phone number for your two-factor authentication, you can use your BitLocker recovery key to unlock your account.

How To Find BitLocker Recovery Key

To retrieve the recovery key, you need to be able to read the identifier. This identifier is found in the console of the product. This key is 8 characters long and begins with the ‘BitLocker Recovery Key’. If you can’t remember the recovery key, you can try locating it on a piece of paper.

The recovery key can be stored in various places. It may be stored in your Windows Active Directory (Azure AD) account or in your email account. You can also find the recovery key in your account profile. If you cannot find the key, you can also ask your system administrator for it.

In Windows, BitLocker is built-in encryption software that protects your files from unauthorized access. Encrypting the entire hard drive can prevent unauthorized people from accessing your files. You can only access the files on your computer with your BitLocker Recovery Key.

BitLocker helps you on securing your hard drive. Sometimes, you will need to secure it because you use a computer accessed by other people, so storing your private data on an encrypted drive is good. See you in the following article. Happy reading!