How to Use VivaVideo on Android Device

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How to Use VivaVideo on Android Device
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Users posted recently Many videos to Instagram with the VivaVideo watermark. So, what exactly is VivaVideo? Why are many social media users currently using the app, especially Instagram? How to use VivaVideo?you can find the answer here.

So far, people think no video editing app is easy to use. However, this assumption has disappeared since VivaVideo started to be used. This is a video editing app that allows you to create storyboards in slow motion and create videos containing sliding photos. However, using the VivaVideo app is not as difficult as you think. Even ordinary people can use this versatile app.

VivaVideo is an app made by QuVideo Inc., which is very easy to use. You can add various effects to create a unique video. No need to worry about how to use it because this app has an easy interface. Apart from adding some effects to the video you are editing, you can also add text or stickers to the video.

Until now, the VivaVideo app has been installed more than 100 million times by Android users. In fact, on the Play Store, this app has received a 4.5 rating. In other words, VivaVideo is an easy app that lets you direct the videos you want to upload on social media or just use as your collection.

How to Download and Install the VivaVideo app

Before we discuss using VivaVideo, we must first have this app on a smartphone. If you don’t have this app yet, then see how to download and install this VivaVideo app on Android:

  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. Look for the VivaVideo app
  3. Choose an app called VivaVideo: Free Video Editor developed by QuVideo Inc.
  4. Press the “Install” button, then let this app be installed automatically on your smartphone

You need to know that VivaVideo is available in a free version and a Pro version which requires you to pay. In the free version, you can take advantage of the various available features. However, of course, in the Pro features, there will be more effects and features that will make your videos better.

Also, by editing videos using VivaVideo, you must accept the presence of the “VivaVideo” watermark on each edited video. You cannot remove this watermark unless you are using VivaVideo Pro. In this Pro version, there is no longer the “VivaVideo” watermark, usually located at the bottom right of the video.

How to Use VivaVideo for Standard Editing

VivaVideo for editing videos so that the results look better to have been felt by many people. However, some Android phone users may not understand how to use VivaVideo for standard editing. Therefore, I will provide guidelines so you can use this VivaVideo app well.

First, select the video that is in the gallery of your phone. After that, you can trim the video to the length you want. If your video is 5 minutes long, cut it to 1 minute if you want to upload this video on Instagram. In addition, users of this app can also edit the frame size and focus position at the desired point using VivaVideo.

After that, you can choose a filter that can be placed as an intro or outro video. This filter will give a professional touch to your video editing results. Not only that, but if you don’t want to use special filters, you can add your favorite music, text, and stickers to your videos.

How to Make a Photo Video on VivaVideo

Once you know how to operate VivaVideo by default, you may want to try a little different editing. For example, let’s say you want to make a video with photos in your gallery. Creating a video on VivaVideo containing a collection of images is relatively easy. You can start editing this storyboard by selecting several pictures that you want to make a video from your phone gallery.

Then, add music, filters, transitions, and stickers to make this photo video look professional and better. The way to use VivaVideo to make photo slides is almost the same as when you edit a standard video. After adding text, stickers, and transitions, you can share your edited video on Instagram, Vine, Facebook, or Twitter.

Advantages Compared to Other apps.

These days, you can find dozens of video editing apps on the Play Store. However, why do I suggest VivaVideo to you? It is because the VivaVideo app has several advantages over other similar apps. Here are some of the benefits of VivaVideo:

  • Best Choice for Storyboard

What are storyboards? Maybe some of you don’t know what a storyboard is. Well, a storyboard is a dialogue or text video that looks like a running comic. VivaVideo is the best app for generating video storyboards because there are various options for dialog boxes with multiple shapes that can be easily placed in the edited video.

  • How To Operate VivaVideo Very Easy

One of the reasons why hundreds of millions of smartphone users have chosen this app is that it’s easy to use VivaVideo. Even people unfamiliar with photo and video editing can use this app. Not only that, but VivaVideo is also the most widely used app for editing videos to be uploaded on Instagram.

  • Feature-Rich Free Version

If you are still wondering why hundreds of millions of people trust VivaVideo? This is because VivaVideo can be obtained for free. The free version of this app is already rich in exciting features, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to upgrade to the Pro version. This free version’s only drawback is the watermark on the edited video.

Do videos stored in your gallery have poor sound quality? No problem, because by using VivaVideo, you can replace the original sound in the video with other music in your gallery. You can even embed your favorite songs into the video.

That’s a full review from NiceBlogger on how to use VivaVideo on Android devices, along with the advantages of this app. The presence of VivaVideo is very beneficial, especially for those of you who are actively uploading videos on social media. Still, you don’t want the appearance of the video to look ordinary.

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