How To Become A Content Creator With Simple Steps

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what is content creator and how to become a content creator
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Technological developments, especially social media, present new ways of marketing products and professions. Marketing can be done through social media, such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. A brand (brand) can place advertisements on the platform or collaborate with the content creator. 

Several companies have hired creators to create content on their brand’s social media channels. But what exactly is a content creator? Are you interested in becoming a content creator? Let’s look at the reviews about Content Creator by Niceblogger.

What is Content Creator?

Content creators are people who create entertaining or educational content according to the wishes of the audience. 

The content can take various forms, such as writing, photos, digital works, videos, podcasts, etc. The content that has been created can then be shared through multiple media, including social media. 

The main task of a content creator is creating content. However, creating content is not easy. Behind content uploaded to the internet, there must be a process of finding ideas ( content ideation ), research, compiling scripts, filming, editing, and promotion on social media. 

A content creator needs knowledge, including production techniques, communication, and content dissemination methods.

Content Creator Jobs and Salary Range

The content creator profession is a new profession that has been found in recent years. Maybe you have seen many successful content creators and want to follow in their footsteps. 

However, what exactly are the job prospects of a content creator?

As previously mentioned, a content creator can stand alone (individually) or work under a company.

If you choose to be an individual content creator, you can receive endorsement collaborations to increase your income. In addition, you can also launch your products according to the topic or niche of your content. The reason is that you already have an audience to market the products offered easily.

If you are a content creator in the field of education, you can launch online classes or sell e-books through online marketing. If you create beautiful content, you can launch your beauty or skincare products. 

Content creators dedicated to working for a company also have good career prospects. In content creation, you will learn a lot and research the market for the company’s products. Therefore, you can continue to move up in a company until you reach a vital position in the company.

However, it is also possible if you want to have a side job to develop your own social media account. This can increase your income.

Now, after discussing job prospects, what is the actual salary of a content creator at the company?

The salary of a content creator salary ranges depending on the size of the company that employs you. 

If you become an individual content creator, you can earn income through collaboration with brands.

Tips for becoming a successful Content Creator

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Becoming a successful content creator is everyone’s dream. Now more and more people are becoming content creators. However, this job is not an easy thing. What are some tips for becoming a successful content creator? Let’s look at the following review.

1. Choose a Niche

A niche can be said to be a particular topic. To create content, you first need to know the topic you want to make. There are various topics, such as finance, certain sports, fashion, beauty, productivity, culinary, and others. 

All topics can be turned into content, depending on your ideas. Most of the problems faced when starting to create content is not knowing what content to create. Maybe you can start from a topic that you like or from a topic where you have little ability. 

You don’t have to wait for an expert in a particular field to become a content creator. The more content created, the more you will learn about the topic and eventually have more expertise in the area you are passionate about.

Another option is that you can start to study a topic or skill, taking notes and recording your journey while researching that topic. You can create content about how you learn, practice, and gain knowledge. People will love the topic of someone who started from scratch and succeeded. 

A niche or topic should not restrict you from creating content. Topics of the content may change over time.

2. Select the Content Format you want to Create

The next step is to determine the content format. You can choose the format of the text, video, podcast, or digital image format.

You can share content on multiple platforms at once, such as uploading short video content on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram simultaneously. The goal is for the potential to be seen by the audience is getting bigger.

Honing skills or skills that support the content creation process is also very important. Skills that support content creation include writing, graphic design, photography, video production, and creating podcasts.

Creating content is a long journey that requires one skill and several skills outside your chosen niche or topic. Therefore, choose the content format that you prefer.

3. Build Knowledge and Skills

It is crucial to hone the knowledge and skills you already have. You need to look for many references to increase your understanding of a topic. 

Reading books is one way to get ideas and materials for content creation. 

In addition to reading books, you also need to keep updated with the industry that is your niche of choice so that the content you create can continue to be relevant to the audience. 

Sharpening skills is mandatory for content creators to present content that develops in quality from time to time. The essential thing in honing skills is consistency.

You must be committed and take the time to hone your skills consistently.

4. Start Working on Your First 100 Works

There is no other way. If you want to be a content creator, then what is needed is to create content. 

The best way to improve our ability to create content is to create something and share it on the internet. It may sound intimidating, and you may feel insecure about sharing your work. 

However, this must be passed on to become a successful content creator who can create good content. 

Start by creating the first 100 works and commit to them. 100 TikTok Videos, 100 Instagram Posts, 100 blog posts, or 100 Podcasts. Make the work according to the format you have previously selected.

100 This work will encourage us to be committed and compel us to keep trying to create content. The more content that is created, the better the quality.

5. Working as Content Creator

You don’t have to work for a company to be a successful content creator. Another way to do this is to take freelance work or work with certain brands as influencers.

When you are involved with a company, you will learn many things, including the marketing strategy. This knowledge can increase your capacity as a content creator.

Having the mindset that what you are doing is not just a hobby but a professional job, you will be motivated to give the best work.

If you are interested in working for a company, then you can look for vacancies for content creator positions on job portals, such as Jobstreet, Kalibrr, and Linkedin. Now, many companies are opening vacancies for content creators. 

You can take advantage of 100 works made as a portfolio. Find jobs that match your criteria.

6. Expand Your Career

Once you have a lot of work to share on the internet and/or work with companies, you will start to have a reputation in your chosen topic. 

If you are interested, you can expand your wings by taking on different projects which have never been done before. 

In addition to freelance, some options that can help you earn an income are creating online courses, selling books, and running a business that sells merchandise.


Being a content creator is not easy. 

You need to keep learning and keep up with any emerging trends to present relevant content to your audience. 

At first, it may be challenging to put your work on the internet and may be subject to criticism. However, that is part of the journey as a content creator.

The more content you create, the more lessons you have. You’ll also know what kind of content your audience will accept and what they won’t.

Are you ready to become a content creator?