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Backlinks From Social Media
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Do you know where internet marketers are concentrated right now? It’s social media. Yes, no doubt. Social media is now the biggest network to share your page, optimize your page SEO, and get lots of targeted traffic through SEO Dofollow backlinks including social media.

However, this is something more important. You cannot use random social sites. You should pick up a site that will give you the facility to develop your website only. In this regard, many social networks are downright selfish. They let you share your content, but they don’t give you the scariest dofollow links to ensure the overall progress of your site.

So you should know which social media sites provide dofollow links or backlinks. Here, I took a list of the most famous dofollow social media and other sites that allow you to have dofollow links.

List Of Dofollow And Nofollow Backlinks From Sites Including Social media

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most prominent image-based social networks that allows you to share information with images. You can link to your site from your Pinterest account. And that link is dofollow. The links in the “Embedded from …” box are only internal links, So you can skip them to directly link to your site.


Free WordPress blogs have good options for building dofollow links. You can choose dofollow or nofollow links in its CMS. But, those are all profiles and comment links, not dofollow.

3. Youtube

Dofollow and nofollow backlink from Youtube
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YouTube is the biggest video content and marketing platform. At this moment, it was swaying into the sky. In the future, maybe YouTube or video marketing will be the most toxic marketing. After all, YouTube allows you to add your video description and website link. But, this is nofollow. To convert it to dofollow, you need to place your website link into the YouTube channel header.

4. Linkedin

Links to 3rd party sites from your LinkedIn profile are dofollow. The link in the “My Publishes” section is also a dofollow link and it goes through 302 redirects. But, short links for 3rd party sites can be accessed by 301. Many of these links are not searchable on Google so they are not considered a cause of page rank.

5. Blogger

Blogger is owned by The links from this blog that you get are all dofollow. Anyway, the link from the comments section is nofollow.

6. Hub Pages

Hub Pages is a little picky. To create dofollow backlinks, you have to meet certain requirements and scores. Then they allow you to provide a dofollow link

7. Reddit

Reddit allows you to create direct links and all the links are dofollow. And this is a website that can get you a lot of visitors in a few moments!! Read how to become a successful Reddit user.

8. Tumblr

Dofollow and nofollow backlink from Tumblr
Image Source Tumblr

Tumblr is a great platform for free blogging. The links from the reblogs are all nofollow. To get dofollow links, you have to click the “Green Link Button” while publishing any content.

9. DeviantArt

Dofollow backlinks from DevianArt
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DeviantArt is arguably the largest online art community. The site hosts a variety of digital artworks. You can share or promote your community to their awesome community.

To create a free account at Deviant Art, you just need to register an e-mail account and verify the account. Then, to add backlinks you can go through (relevant posts);

10. Imageshack

ImageShack is an image hosting platform. It is subscription-based and easy to use. Upload your image with the click of a few buttons.

Sign up for a free account. Submit your photos, images, or infographics, and add some simple backlinks to your website in the description. That way, you automatically get free backlinks.

11. DropShots

DropShots is another image hosting website. This will help you diversify your link profile. All accounts are free. Sign up in under five minutes, then post your picture. Don’t forget to embed free backlinks on this site in your description and profile.

12. PhotoPeach

PhotoPeach is a slide-sharing hosting website. You can post free backlinks to your website. At the same time share your slides with the world. They also make it easy to share via Facebook and email.

The registration process is easy and free. Include your niche-related images afterward. Then add some supporting text and links in your description.

13. Quora

Quora is the place where all your question get the answer and you can get fast and high DA backlinks. You can also help generate organic traffic to your site by answering niche-relevant questions from other members on Quora.

Signing up for an account then Create a description, and fill out your profile that includes a link to your site.

14. Flickr

Flickr is a good image-sharing site, to get SEO backlinks you must first create an account and then look at the options in the settings that contain a link to your website and this is a dofollow link.

Another option is to post pictures and link your website.

15. Digg

Digg is a popular social bookmarking in the past Digg was a simple social bookmarking but now they have upgraded it to work only as a search engine submission.

16. Pixabay

Pixabay is a site for getting free images. You can download all the images you want for free, without worrying about copyright.

backlink from Pixabay
image source

The options to choose from are quite diverse, ranging from illustrations to high-quality photos.

There are two ways to get free and quality backlinks from Pixabay. First, register and fill in the website address on the profile page. Second, leave a trail through the comments column. Make sure you leave comments on relevant topics.

17. Pexels

Pexels is a site similar to Pixabay, the difference is that pexel provides video footage options that you can download for free. You can use all quality images and videos that are copyright free.

The way to get quality backlinks from this site is, by filling in your website address on the profile page. Then your website link will automatically be embedded there.

18. Freepik

Freepik is very popular among bloggers. Because the images provided are various and of course copyright free.

How to get backlinks with high PA and DA from Freepik is very easy, namely by filling in the website address of your profile page.

19. Imageshack

Imageshack is a paid image provider platform. You do not need to pay for this site, because you only need to register and create a profile page.

How to get free backlinks from here is quite unique, namely by submitting several images that are inserted with the URL or link of your website.

In addition to getting a backlink, if the image you submit is a good photo. It could be that it will bring additional traffic to your website/blog.

20. Linktree

Linktree is a site that is designed to share website links. So it’s a shame if only URL spam here, you better share the ultimate content. So you’re not only getting Dofollow backlinks here but additional traffic too.

How to get backlinks from here just by filling out the profile. Then you can start sharing your blog/website URL.

Those are some websites that provide dofollow and nofollow backlinks, thank you for visiting this simple website. Also, you can read another article about a great tool to post on some social networks.
see you in the next article, happy reading!

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