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The development of sophisticated technology can make it easier for humans to carry out daily activities, even seeing the weather, be it raining, hot, snowing, or spring, only need to use the best weather Apps for Android.

With the help of Android technology, users are now installing Weather Apps for free and without the slightest cost. They need an internet connection to update international and national weather forecasts.

When you go to the office, at least you can know whether it will rain today or not. You can prepare a raincoat, umbrella, or coat.

Best Weather Apps For Android

1. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is the best among weather apps for android among the many weather apps you can use on Android. This weather app has Been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Play Store and has received a rating of 4.4.

Best Weather Apps For Android :The Weather Channel for android
Source PlayStore

Not surprisingly, The Weather Channel has quite a lot of demand, considering that this app provides exclusive features.

Using The Weather Channel app, you can see weather forecasts ranging from hourly, 15 days, to weekly.

You can also view complete information about the weather forecast, such as humidity, wind speed, UV index, barometric pressure, sunrise, and sunset. One of the interesting features of The Weather Channel is the severe weather warning feature.

With this feature, this app will automatically display notifications when there is bad weather, such as strong winds or storms.

2. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is the right weather app for you. It’s been downloaded more than 100 million times and was developed by a United States media company that has provided weather forecast information since 1962.

AccuWeather on of the best weather app for android
Source Playstore

There is no doubt about the accuracy, even though he also claims to be the best and most accurate provider of weather forecast information worldwide.

Not only that, but AccuWeather also has a simple app interface, you know, so this app is also quite easy to use.

3. Transparent clock & weather

As the name implies, Transparent clock & weather not only acts as a weather forecast app but also be used to decorate the smartphone screen.

Best Weather Apps For Android : Transparent clock & weather
Source PlayStore

This app, downloaded over 50 million times, provides four different designs and sizes of widgets.

One of the advantages of a Transparent clock & weather is its ability to determine the location.

This feature will adjust the weather information based on your location.

Not only that, but the app background image carried by MACHAPP Software Ltd can also adjust to weather and time conditions, you know.

So when it’s night or day, the app’s background image will also change automatically.

4. Weather & Clock Widget for Android

Just like the previous app, Weather & Clock Widget for Android can also not only be used as a weather app on android.

However, you can also use this app to decorate your smartphone screen.

Best Weather Apps For Android : Weather & Clock Widget
Source PlayStore

If you are looking for an app with an attractive design, Weather & Clock Widget for Android could be the right choice for you.

Weather & Clock Widget for Android has been downloaded more than 50 million times and provides a variety of weather widgets of different sizes.

You can see complete weather information using Weather & Clock for Android. From air humidity, atmospheric pressure, UV index, wind speed and direction, sunrise and sunset.

Not only that, Weather & Clock for Android also has a feature to display the temperature in the smartphone status bar, you know.

So you can see the air temperature directly without opening the app.

Even though it has many features, you don’t have to worry about this app’s burdening smartphone performance.

Because this app is very light, its size is not more than 15 MB.

5. 1Weather

1Weather is a real-time weather app that can predict the conditions and weather at your location.

One of the advantages of this app, which has been downloaded more than 50 million times, is that it allows users to get weather forecast information in other locations according to the specified location.

Source Playstore

With this feature, you can find out weather forecast information at the location you are going to, whether it’s work, school, or something else.

With 1Weather, you can get complete weather information, ranging from temperature, wind speed, humidity, and UV index.

Weather forecasts in this app are also displayed hourly, ten days, up to 12 weeks ahead.

The app’s background developed by OneLouder Apps can also be changed as desired.

6. Weather by WeatherBug

Won the award as the best weather app in 2016.

Weather by WeatherBug is the right choice if you want a full-featured app.

One of the interesting features of this app is the real-time traffic feature.

Weather by WeatherBug
Source Playstore

This feature lets you see live traffic conditions to avoid traffic jams and bad weather conditions.

Not only that, but Weather by WeatherBug can also predict the weather in more than 2.6 million locations worldwide, including Indonesia.

7. Weather & Radar

Weather & Radar has longer weather forecast data, up to 14 days ahead.

Like other apps, you can also see complete weather information such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and another feature.

Weather & Radar - Storm radar
Source PlayStore

8. Amber Weather

Amber Weather is the best weather app choice if you prefer simplicity and convenience.

The reason is that the app made by Amber Mobile Limited is indeed designed quite simply, so it is quite comfortable when used.

Amber Weather can accurately predict the weather in the next 15 days.

The app, downloaded more than 10 million times, also has an air quality index in more than 20 thousand locations worldwide.

Amber Weather
Source PlayStore

Not only that, but the latest weather info feature also allows you to view complete weather information.

This feature lets you find wind speed, real-time weather and temperature reports, rainfall predictions, UV index, and sunrise and sunset times.

9. Weather

Looking for an accurate but lightweight weather app? Weather is an app that you must consider.

Source PlayStore

No wonder the MacroPinch app is quite light because its features are also quite limited.

But if you just want to know the weather forecast, this app is more than enough.

Using Weather, you can see hourly to weekly weather forecasts.

Additionally, the app, downloaded more than 10 million times, allows users to track weather conditions in several locations.

Weather works on Android 1.5 or later.

10. Yahoo Weather

Not to be outdone by other app developers, Yahoo also has an app called Yahoo Weather.

Yahoo Weather
Source PlayStore

Yahoo Weather can display the latest weather forecasts accurately. One of the interesting features of Yahoo Weather is the bad weather notification feature.

If the weather in your location is dangerous enough, this app will automatically notify you via notification.

In terms of design, Yahoo Weather has a fairly modern and simple design, making it quite comfortable to use.

Another Best Weather app For Android

11. Weather Live

Weather Live is a real-time, accurate weather app with a beautiful interface design.

Weather Live: Weather Forecast
Source PlayStore

The app carried by Apalon Apps can predict the weather in the next seven days with fairly complete data.

Using Weather Live, you can see information on wind speed and direction, air pressure, and sunrise and sunset times.

The app, downloaded more than 10 million times, is also equipped with weather radar and rain maps.

Besides being able to be used for free, Weather Live also provides a paid version equipped with more features.

Thus a brief review of the Best Weather Apps for Android can hopefully be helpful and useful. If anyone wants to add something, write it in the comments below. Thank you, and good luck!

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