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list of the best music app for android
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There are many offline and online Android music apps that you can download on your smartphone. But what is the best music app for android?

Here I present recommendations for the best online and offline music apps for your Android phone.

Alright, just take a look at the following list.

12 Best Music App For Android Online And Offline

1. Android Music App- Spotify

Spotify is one of the largest music libraries that provides a wide selection of music from any period, artist, and genre.

Best Music App For Android Spotify

If you register as a premium member, you can enjoy complete facilities not offered to free users. But most of the features still can be enjoyed even if you’re a free user. 

Plus, this Spotify Android music app has a Lite version which is more data efficient and lighter. The interface is quite simple, and the library of music is huge.

Suppose you want to register as a premium user. You will not only get free of ads, but you can download your favorite songs and listen to them offline on your device. And its premium is quite cheap.

2. Android Music App- YouTube Music

Best Music App For Android Youtube Music
Youtube Music

In addition to Google Play Music, Google re-launched YouTube Music which is being marketed on a large scale.This app has a fairly complete collection of songs and looks promising. Its plan with YouTube Premium makes it a fun budget plan.However, the free version is a little annoying for most users because no permission is not given to play songs in the background if you haven’t subscribed to the premium version.You can subscribe YouTube Premium for a monthly fee. This subscription package has three categories to choose from, namely individuals, families, and students.

3. Apple Music

Apple music
Apple Music

This one brand is known as a rival to Android, but in fact, the music app made is welcome to circulate on the Google Play Store.

Apple Music has provided more than 40 million songs that you can choose to listen to online or offline. This app can also display song lyrics directly.

Not only that, but you can also view exclusive content if you decide to subscribe to premium. Even though your smartphone is Android, you can still enjoy the sensation like an iPhone.

4. Deezer

Best Music App For Android Deezer

Deezer is a local music streaming and player app service. Apart from being an online music app, It also provides music editing features and makes playlists more personal.

If you want a fuller experience, you can upgrade it to Premium.

Interestingly this app will not display ads, can use offline mode, the sound quality reaches 320kBps and many others.

For a collection of songs, around 56 million have been provided, ready for you to listen to online and offline.

Of course, you must first download the song to listen to it offline.

5. iHeartRadio

Best Music App For Android iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a well-known radio network from New York, United States.

This app presents many podcast broadcasts that you are ready to listen to accompany your day.

The frequency range is also very wide, making it possible for radio access worldwide, such as in Australia and New Zealand. Like Ted Talks? Here, there is!

Besides being a radio, it also provides online music streaming services online.

Plus, it features music personalization based on our relevant artists, genres, and music history.

6. Android Music App- Poweramp

Android Music App- Poweramp

As an android music app, Poweramp is different from other apps because it is not an app that provides music streaming services.

However, this offline music app has various excellent features, such as controlling sound and playing different song formats.

7.Android Music App- TuneIn Radio

Android Music App- TuneIn Radio

Like iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio allows its users to listen to radio broadcasts over the Internet.

If a user registers as a premium member on the TuneIn Radio app, they will be given advantages such as listening to various sports broadcasts, music without ads, etc.

This app does radio broadcasts that tend to be on basketball (NBA) and American football (NFL). This app is suitable if you are a fan of both sports.

8. Android Music App- Jango Radio

Android Music App- Jango Radio
Jango Radio

One of the best online music apps on Android, it has a variety of music from mainstream to independent musicians.

We think Jango Radio is worth a try because Jango can be used freely without ads!

Some reviewers call this Jango Radio app a “wildcard” music app. Some media that gave positive reviews include CNet, USA Today, to the Wall Street Journal.

9. Android Music App- Joox

Android Music App- Joox

Joox is one of the most popular apps. This app can be used online with full features.

Using the Joox app, you can listen to songs for free. In addition, you can access various playlists with a selection of interesting music in them.

That way, you can easily choose a song that suits your taste.

Radio features, playlist recommendations, and karaoke fun are available. You can even watch music videos through this Joox online music app.

10. Android Music App- SoundCloud

Android Music App - SounCloud

Next, there is the Soundcloud android music app. Those who often make song covers must be familiar with this app. 

You can find new songs that are trending. Besides music, you can also listen to comedy,   podcasts, and the latest news.

This app supports your learning if you aspire to be a cover singer. You can record your voice and share it on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

11. Shazam


Shazam is an android app that will be my favorite. You can easily find any song title through it. This app provides quick access to the Apple Music app.

One of the main features of this app is identifying songs you don’t know. Just press once and point your cellphone at the sound source, then you will see the song’s title.

12. SoundHound


SoundHound app can be used to identify suitable songs you like. This app makes use of the mic and data connection to do so.

This app is also capable of displaying song lyrics live. Interestingly, this app can also be controlled using voice control.

Do you often use the Spotify or Apple Music app? If yes, then you can also integrate it with this app.

Well, that’s a collection of the best android music apps in 2022.

Which application is your favorite choice? Please determine which is suitable for you to have as a mainstay music player. Looking for the best messaging apps for Android? check it oput

All the lists above are based on my experience using them and do not mean to offend or give a bad summary, thank you for stopping by my blog.

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